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26D8 Distiller Package PK&AD USED


Polar Bear Water Distiller, Model 26D8 with pump kit and Automatic Drain. Automatic Filling, make up to 8 gallons per day, includes a 8 gallon stainless steel storage tank. Used.

Polar Bear Water Distiller Model 26D8 Package, Includes Pump Kit, Automatic Drain – Used

— Used—Reconditioned—

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Model # 26D8

Automatic Fill automatic fill units connects onto the main water supply with a saddle valve, so the machine starts and stops, by its self, as you use water from the storage tank.

Distilling Capacity: up to  8 gallons in 24 hours   =  3 hours per batch

Storage Tank Capacity: 8 gallons stainless steel—Included

Pump Kit:   – Included  value $629.00

  • Pump kit includes: pump, full size pantry faucet, 25 feet 1/2” hose, and fittings to connect unit, to one faucet. 
  • The Pump kit can feed several locations in the home by splitting the line and by adding an extra tap.  Have distilled water available for use in the Kitchen, Bathroom, for steam showers, humidifiers, or dispensed at  Refrigerator for water and ice.

Automatic Drain: – Included  Value $695.00

  • The Automatic drain—drains out the liquid impurities from the boiling chamber, on a regular cycle, reducing impurity concentrations, giving you a higher quality of drinking water, and reducing the amount of scale build-up inside the boiling tank.

 Pressure Tank— optional  Value $ 175.00

Pressure tank equalizes pressure of the pump, eliminates pulsating of pump, especially when water line connected to fridge and icemakers

Machine is All Stainless Steel 

will give you trouble free pure water production for many years.   

Mother Nature knows that distillation is the simplest and most reliable method of water purification! A Precision Water Distiller duplicates that method, to provide you with the most natural and purest drinking water to be used in your own home or business. 

Obtain the true taste of foods, ice, drinks, juices, and coffee when made with distilled water.

Independent laboratory testing shows that water distillers remove greater than 99% of all heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, lead, pesticides, herbicides, organic compounds, bacteria, viruses and even radioactive water soluble compounds.  Boil water warnings, floods, oil spills, city water, country water, dugout water.  With a distiller rest assured that your water is safe to drink.

Many people feel blessed to live were we do, where drinking the tap water won’t kill us.  But there is a lot in tap water we do not want to drink, like chlorine and fluoride.  Xenoestrogens (toxic hormone-like substances that mimic the body’s own estrogens have been implicated in breast and prostate cancer, also residues from pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs.  Because of this uncertainty, many of us try to avoid tap water.  Then there are the problems of bottled water, and the uncertainty of where it comes from, how it is made or how fresh.  If water is stored in plastic bottles or in store jugs, heat/sunlight leaches chemicals out of the plastic such as BPA. 


Do your planet good… plastic bottles and throw away/replaceable filters are just adding waste to our delicate planet.  Distillation is the most natural way of purifying water—Mother Natures Way, with a Polar Bear Water Distiller.

Polar Bear Water Distiller Model 26-D8 The ultimate in an 8 gallon per day distiller. The compact floor size makes this an ideal choice for apartments and homeowners with limited space.

Distillation is the simplest and most reliable method of water purification! The 26-D8 combines that process with superior technology and quality standards to give you the finest portable automatic system available! Not only will the 26-D8 provide you with the naturally healthy benefits of pure drinking water, your cooking and baking will retain the original flavors! Distilled water is also ideal for infant formulas, low sodium diets, house plants, aquariums, wet-cell batteries, steam irons, photography & pet care.

Simply install the 26-D8 and plug into a standard household outlet. The unit is tapped into the main water line. Water is drawn into the boiling chamber, regulated by a start/stop float system which extends the life of the heating element. As the water boils, steam rises, leaving the contaminants behind. The vapor travels through an exclusive double-baffle system and any volatile gases are released through a safety vent. The steam is condensed in the fan-cooled coils and the distilled water passes through coconut carbon. The pure water is then stored in a stainless steel tank.

Distilling Capacity: 8 Gallons per day
Storage Capacity: 8 Gallons
Height: 39.5″
Width: 20.5″
Depth: 13.25″
Shipping Weight: 51 lbs
Electrical: 120V 9A 1100W

All Stainless Steel—No plastic

Made in Canada

  • All Polar Bear Water Distillers are constructed of high grade polished stainless steel. Built to last a life time, there is a ten-year warranty on stainless steel components.
  • Charcoal Filter: After the steam is condensed by fan cooling, the distilled water produced then passes through a granulated coconut charcoal filter. This aerates the water, giving it a “fresh” taste and traps any volatile gases that may have escaped in the distilling process. Polar Bear distillers have a refillable stainless steel filter canister between the distiller and the holding tank.

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