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Chakra Healing Bundle -#CKT2


Open and balance your chakras using the gemstones included in this collection. Included with the gemstones is a Selenite Plate and Sage Smudging Stick.

Chakra Healing Bundle -#CKT2

Open and balance your chakras using the gemstones included in this collection. Included with the gemstones is a Selenite Plate and Sage Smudging Stick.

Info card is included. Selected by a Certified Crystal Expert. Assembled in Canada with gemstones from around the world. 

Benefits of burning sage are believe to include:
  • Removing bacteria from the air.
  • Repelling insects.
  • Improving intuition.
  • Purifying specific objects.
  • Improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

A set of 10 Tumbled Stones includes Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Unakite, Obsidian, Yellow Jade, Lapis lazuli, Green Aventurine. Natural polished stones are great for chakra and crystal healing practices.

Selenite plate – Cleanse, charge and amplify your crystals with this. Selenite is unlike any other crystal as it doesn’t need to be charged. It will cleanse, charge and amplify of all crystals set upon it.  (even food, supplements)

Plate size:  40 cm x 20 cm x 1.5 cm (1.5″ x 8″ x .5″) – Price is for 1. being a natural product, measurement may vary slightly.

Use a selenite crystal plate overnight to recharge and cleanse the energy of your crystals and jewelry. Selenite is commonly used in crystal healing techniques for meditation, as a tool to improve concentration, psychic development and to calm and clear the mind. Selenite is the carrier of light energy, and is a powerful healing stone.

In order to vibrate at their highest capacity, your crystals need to be cleansed and charged. That’s where a Selenite Charging Plate comes in handy. Selenite is unlike any other crystal. It doesn’t need to be charged, and it will amplify the energy of all crystals set upon it.

The pure, high vibrational energy of a Selenite plate or slab is like liquid light. Combine them with other crystals to amplify the desired intention, or try creating a rainbow crystal grid by setting a series of colorful tumbled stones along the tile.

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Selenite Charging Plate:

When your drawn to a selenite charging plate, it’s likely because either you or your crystals need a thorough stream of cleansing + uplifting vibrations. Is the energy of your stone collection feeling dull? Do your stones not seem to vibrate with the same intensity as they used to? If so, it’s time to purify their energy and get them charged up with a selenite charging plate. This will get your stone back to vibrating at their full, healing potential. It’s also possible your spirit is reaching out for a selenite charging plate because it needs those energizing vibes directed inward.

How to Use Your Selenite Charging Plate:

  1. When you take off your jewelry each night, place your pieces atop your Selenite charging plate overnight.
  2. Place your crystals, tumbled stones on top of it to cleanse and clear their energy.
  3. Cleanse and reprogram, pendulums, and wands.
  4. Use these plates to create a crystal grid, as the selenite properties will amplify the power of your grid.
  5. Selenite Charging Plates can also double as altar tiles, offering tiles, pillar candle holders and more, when not in use as a charging plate.
  6. Setting a selenite plate on your desk at work, or your windowsill at home so that you can see the light reflected off the stone, is a great way to keep your energy purified and joyful all day long.
  7. Energy cleansing–cleansing of your energy body, you can do everyday in less then 30 seconds. Start by holding a small Selenite Crystal  in one hand at the top of your head and comb the crystal all the way down your body. Repeat this around your entire body. This technique helps to clear, shield and protect your energy body. Once you are done, you will feel completely grounded, balanced and protected with white light.

Selenite is a breathtaking mineral, a form of fibrous and crystallized gypsum. Commonly referred to as the Desert Rose of Africa.

An ancient stone, it is nevertheless one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration on earth.

Selenite crystals are an energy tool that everyone needs in their home

    • You will not get the exact one pictured here, though it will be similar in size. (Stones and other items in picture are not included.)
    • Each Selenite Charging Plate is gently polished on all sides, but some still have a little bit of that raw nature.
    • Due to their nature, each one will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.
    • size is approximate 40 cm x 20 cm x 1.5 cm (1.5″ x 8″ x .5″)
    • Weight  approx 275 gms.  Every plate is handcrafted so weight varies)
    • We DO NOT recommend getting plate wet – due to Selenite’s nature, it will dissolve.
    • From Morocco


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