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Counter top Storage tank – 5 gallon – Used


Counter top storage tank for manual filled water distiller. 5 gallon capacity, stainless steel.

Counter top Storage tank – 5 gallon Stainless steel – Used

Counter top storage tank, perfect way to store water made in a counter top water distiller.  Will sit under many models of distillers. Polar Bear or Precision. 

  • 5 gallon capacity
  • Stainless Steel
  • Includes sight tube and faucet.
  • Measures 29 cm x 49 cm and 14 cm high but 17 cm if measure to top of knob.  (check measurement of your distiller before you order this item)
  •  shipping not included


  • Other items you may need:
  • You will also need a tank filter…. ?
  • and charcoal ?
  • 500307  FILTER,CHARCOAL, SS (Precision 8-M TANK) (2″d X 2″h)   $49.95
  • COCONUT CHARCOAL,  250 GRAMS, Small JAR   $15.95
  • COCONUT CHARCOAL, 600 GRAMS, Large JAR  Price $29.95





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