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Crock Fancy – Embossed Ivy


Porcelain Water Crock ~ Embossed Ivy A Fresh Approach To Dispensing Bottled Water. Having bottled water in you home can be beautiful as well as convenient.

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Porcelain Water Crock  ~ Embossed Ivy   A Fresh Approach To Dispensing Bottled Water. Having bottled water in you home can be beautiful as well as convenient.  

Our unique designs will preserve the purity of the water… dispense the water efficiently… and blend attractively into any setting.  

The crock ensure that bottled water stays pure. Unlike most ceramics, our crocks will not leak or “sweat” and there are no pores to breed micro-organisms. Crafted from solid porcelain, the thick body of our crocks are coated with a lead-free non-toxic glaze and fired at a high temperature. The result is a durable—and attractive—dispenser that easily holds any 3 or 5 gallon bottle of water. If you would like a smaller profile—you can eliminate the bottles and us a lid to cover the top opening.  

INCLUDED: Each crock comes with a No-Drip faucet (sometimes called a spigot) and a plastic Protection Ring. The faucet includes two rubber washers and a nut for securing to your crock. The plastic Protection Ring sits on top of the crock to help prevent scratches to your glass or polycarbonate water bottle and also to help seat and steady the bottle on the crock.

Crock capacity 2 gallons. 
Dimensions 10” height x 10” diameter.
Bottles optional Lid optional Floor Stand optional Counter Stand optional  

Certified Lead-Free . All porcelains are hand made and may have minor imperfections or minor color variances. We cannot guarantee that all crocks are blemish free. Other Designs Also Available…

Porcelain Crocks Choose from: Blue Stripe, Black Stripe, Green Stripe  
Also Available Porcelain Crocks
~ Fancy Decal
~ Embossed Choose from
~ Blue Dolphins
~ Apples
~ Magnolias
~ Eugenie Ivy
~ Large Sunflower
~ Large Grapes
~ Embossed Grape Band
~ Embossed Grapes
~ Embossed Ivy
~or “phone for instock selection”

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