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Display Spinner – for crystals & collectables

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Solar Powered Crystal Turnable display stand. Want more rainbows from your crystals?

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Solar Powered Crystal Spinner 

Turnable Display Stand

360 Degree display+Rotary Display Base without battery.

Want more rainbows from your crystals?

No problem.

Simply place your crystal or collectable ontop of spinner.  This handy Solar Powered motor and watch your decoration spin as long as the sun or light is hitting the panel!

No batteries! Hang in direct sunlight, or close to a spot or flood light.

  Solar Powered Motor Features: 

  •  Easy to use
  •  Dimensions: 1.5″H x 4″W x 4″D
  •  Rotary Display can hold up to 300gm weight
  • Works under indoor lights without a battery.
  • Turning speed around 1-3 circles/minute, depending on amount of light.
  • Plastic casing in silver.


Display stand has 4 solar cells, one on each side. It is more powerful, as long as light is reaching each side of the stand.

A real green product.


Suitable for display of collectables, gemstones, and other items such as mobile phones, cameras,  jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, etc. Commonly used in homes, and used for store displays and exhibitions.


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