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Fountain Zen Arc with Color changing LED Lights


Fountain Zen Arc, with Color Changing LED Lights. Place this fountain in a home, business, spa or yoga room. The Soft Sound Of Water. A different type of song to soothe the soul.

Fountain Zen Arc with Color changing LED Lights

Invite Tranquility into your home and workspace. If you’re looking for a way to bring a soothing ambiance to the sanctuary of your home or office then a Zen Arc Indoor Water Fountain is a perfect choice. The sound of water has always been considered calming, like the babbling brook or the gentle lapping waves. Create instant harmony.

Place this fountain in a yoga room or anywhere you want to be reminded of peace. The soft glow of light from the fountain also makes this ideal for use as a night light.

The Soft Sound Of Water. A different type of song to soothe the soul.

Fountains can be placed indoors or out to induce stress relief and relaxation. They act as a natural humidifier and can improve the air in a home with added negative ions. You’ll be amazed at how a soft flowing water sound can drown out less enjoyable noise.

People can hear a different “song” in the flow of water. It can act as a “white noise”, drowning out any surrounding sounds in your environment or in your head. Focusing your mind on the soothing sound and not tying it to anything, letting the sound wash over you, helps your brain let go of stresses that may be lingering and gets your body into an ultimate state of relaxation.

  • Excellent centerpiece for any indoor setting and makes a Great gift for housewarmings and get-togethers
  • Great for indoors at work and home!
  • Awe-inspiring tabletop home decor item
  • Nursery, Gardening, Spa services, Yoga room
  • The Soothing Sound of Running Water Immediately Calms the Mind, Calming cascading water

 “Just as the water reflects the stars & moon, the body reflects the mind & soul” –Rumi

  • Includes: 1 fountain with bowl, and electric pump
  • Colour Changing LED Lights
  • Size: 10″ inches x 8″ inches x 8″ inches (25 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm)
  • Power: 12 VAC 2 Watts
  • Matching adapter: Input 110V/ 120V 60Hz
  • Output: 12 VAC 200mA
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Made in China

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