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Gemstone Facial Massage Roller – Jade


Gemstone Facial Massage Rollers – Jade MASSAGE ROLLER – JADE An aesthetic and soothing massage roller made of the healing nephrite jade stone. A must-have tool for your beauty and wellness routine.

Gemstone Facial Massage Roller – Jade

MASSAGE ROLLER – JADE An aesthetic and soothing massage roller made of the healing nephrite jade stone. Gentle, soothing massage and reduces the appearance of puffiness and redness.

  • Benefits include: 
    • Lymphatic Drainage: encourages the lymphatic systems natural detoxification process
    • Reduces inflammation and puffiness
    • Reduces appearance of under eye circle
    • Brightening: Boosts circulation and blood flow beneath the skin granting a visible glow
    • Tightens pores
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Allows skincare products to penetrate more deeply
    • Evens Skin Tone
    • Cooling and calming on the skin

    This perfect handheld tool is used by metaphysical practitioners and spiritual healers as well to promote a healthy flow of energy.

  • Said to help massage out the negative forces and infuse your body with positivity.
  • Also, wonderful for personal use with essential oils to promote healing.
  • If you’re looking for a relaxing evening unwinding and exploring essential oils, the Jade massage roller is a smooth and stylish tool to bring together a balanced spiritual experience.
  • Small end perfect for eyes, nose, lips. Large end Perfect for the chin, forehead, neck, back, arm, legs, feet.
  • Can be used on their own or in combination with essential oils.
  • Use chilled or heated
  • Clean and dry your roller with a soft cloth after every use.

We recommend using the face roller every morning after your regular skincare strokes, being extra careful as you roll around the eye area. For more intense and prolonged cooling, keep your Jade face roller in the fridge. Clean and dry your roller with a soft cloth after every use.

  • Nephrite jade is mainly composed of grays and greens and occasionally yellow, whites and browns. Nephrite also has a number of other synonyms and varieties including: BC jade, Canadian jade, Lushan jade, beilstein, kidney stone, lapis nephriticus, nephrit and spinach jade.
  • Jade is a stone with long history. Ancient Chinese Symbolized it with courage, wisdom, justice, and mercy. The soothing green color of jade makes it a wonderful healing stone, which increases fertility and longevity. It is an emotional balancer that gives the feeling of peace, steadiness, and nurturing.
  • The Jade facial roller has been in use since the 7TH century, where it originated in Chinese skincare routines.  Traditionally, practitioners revered Jade for it’s healing abilities to warm the skin.  These practitioners were on to something!
  • Scientific research has given us insight into how this is possible.  Jade is a natural transmitter of Far Infrared rays.  These rays transmit low levels of heat which allows Jade to warm up the skin and boost micro circulation.
  • It is used to influence a softer, more radiant completion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • **Comes with instructions how to use the roller on the face.

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