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Rayon Wall Hanging – Fertility Goddess 50×59″ 5712


Rayon Wall Hanging/Tapestry with Pocket Fold – Fertility Goddess  50 x 59″ 5712

Rayon Wall Hanging – Fertility Goddess 50×59″ 5712

A Tapestry is a woven decorative fabric, used to cover furniture, walls, or floors or for the decoration of clothing. They encourage reflective and tranquil moments, enlighten the human spirit and are great subjects of conversation. They also elevate our personal space, add charm and coziness to our homes and are balm for the soul. All of these qualities have made wall tapestries a popular choice among art lovers for centuries. 

DESCRIPTION: This captivating tapestry brilliantly captures the symbolic Fertility Goddess in eye catching colors and design. It is made of rayon and for best hanging results has been crafted with a hem to insert a pole.

SYMBOL: The fertility goddess in mythology is associated with these wonderful following experiences: pregnancy, childbirth and of course, fertility.

Rayon Wall Hanging with Pocket Fold

Description Each design has been printed using a seven color process on first quality fabric.  All wall hangings, from our exclusive design, feature a top pocket fold. Just insert the pole or rod of your choice and hang.** Pole is not included


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