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Santevia Shower Filter


Santevia Shower Filter – Alkaline Shower Filter – Minerals for nourished skin and hair. Protect your health by filtering chlorine and other harmful contaminants from your water before they’re absorbed into your skin.

Santevia Shower Filter

Protect your health by filtering chlorine and other harmful contaminants from your water before they’re absorbed into your skin.  Plus, essential minerals nourish your skin and hair, and help keep your hair colour vibrant and shiny.


Product Description


Imagine taking a shower in an invigorating mountain waterfall every day. Now you can bring purified, mineralized spring water to your shower at home with the Santevia Shower Filter!

Chlorine in your shower water has been known to increase your chlorine intake even more than drinking tap water. Santevia technology uses nano-metallic clusters (NMC) to effectively reduce chlorine and heavy metals. With a Santevia Shower Filter, your shower water is ionized and infused with far infrared (FIR) energy, which provides a natural moisturizer and leaves your skin and hair soft and healthy.

4 Stages of filtration:

  1. Multi porous fiber – Eliminates suspended particles and sediments.
  2. Non-phosphorous Micro Balls – Naturally softens the water.
  3. NMC nano-metallic clusters – Effective chlorine and heavy metal reduction.
  4. Activated tourmaline Crystals – Moisturizes skin and hair.


Filter Life: 4-6 months (13,200 gallons or 50,000 L) This is equivalent to 800 ten minute showers.

High flow design will not affect water pressure.


Dimensions:     Height: 5.1” or 13cm     Diameter: 2.8” or 7cm


Customer Reviews:

I decided to purchase this water filter because I have the santevia counter top water filter. From the first shower I could feel the difference on my skin; within a week the dryness and itchiness went away and my hair felt softer. The water itself feels amazingly soft. The filter lasted me about 3 months and then I had to change it out. I take on average 15-20 minute showers everyday. The way I knew it was time to replace the filter was because the water pressure began to subside until only a little tiny stream was coming out of my shower head (I tested the shower head by attaching it without the filter and the water stream ran fine). Im guessing this happened because the filter was clogged with debris. I love the entire santevia line of products and am satisfied with this shower filter. Oh and it’s compact and small that you can take it with you on trips!  by Stacy


We have a serious “hard water” problem. Typically, we need lots of lotions and hair oils just to combat the effect on our skin/hair. After we used the santevia, there has been a significant difference. My eye’s aren’t blood red when I exit (chlorine) and my skin isn’t dry at all. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even need to use much lotion after the shower. It’s amazing to have this filter. I am happy that my family has made the life choice to transition over to filtered water for daily drinking and taking showers. by Desmond


Works great.i would recommend this to any one who has dry skin issues. i have psoriasis and it helps alot. by Tim





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