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Santevia Water pH Test Kit


The Santevia water pH test kit is a convenient, instant and easy way to check the level of pH in water.

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Alkaline Water pH Test Kit  

The Santevia Alkaline Water Analysis Test Kit is a convenient way to test your drinking water quality.

Instantly check your alkaline water quality with the Alkaline Water Test Kit. It’s convenient and easy to use, and tests the level of pH.

Instructions:  Fill vial 3/4 full of sample water.  Add 5 drops of pH Test Solution. Cover vial and shake gently.  Compare colour to chart on the bos.

Product Description


Your body is constantly striving to keep a balanced pH of 7.36. Anything you eat and drink either aids or hinders your body in this process.

So do you know the pH of the water you drink? Find out with the Santevia Water pH Test Kit.

Plastic bottled water creates tremendous waste and is bad for the environment. But did you know that bottled water is bad for your health too? Most bottled water is acidic and chemicals from the plastic can leech into the water.

Just how acidic? Put your favourite plastic bottled water to the test with the Santevia Water pH Test Kit.

The new Santevia Water pH Test Kit is more eco-friendly, easier to use, and provides more accurate readings.

Included in the recyclable paper card box is 1 water pH testing solution and 1 clear vial. It is easy to use with instructions and a pH scale printed on the box itself. Simply match the colour of the water with the scale to get its pH value.



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