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Sprite Shower Filter – Shower Falls #SFH5-CM

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Shower Falls, Shower Chlorine Free and remove dirt and odours from your shower – with a hand held – filtered shower handle. by Sprite Showers

Hand Held – Shower with Filtered Water – Sprite Shower Falls™   #SFH5-CM

Versitile filtered shower handle extension.

Sprite Item # SFH5-CM  Fits all showers with 1/2” pipe thread connections

The Sprite Shower Falls Filtered Shower Handle not only filters out chlorine, dirt and odors from the shower and has one of the best shower sprays available it can also be extended 24 inches. Shower Falls delivers an exhilarating spray from a variety of angles including directly from above.

The ultimate showering experience. Shower Falls™ ·

  • Curved Ergonomic Shower Handle
  • 24″Filter Handle Extension
  • 3 Operating Positions
  • Dual Swivel Adjustment
  • 5 Pure Spray Settings – choose your Way Massaging Spray
  • 72″ Reinforced Metal Hose
  • Chrome Plated Brass Bracket & Swivel Ball Extension
  • Triple Plated Finish
  • Reversible Filter Cartridge (Model HHC)
  • Cartridge Life Rating: 3 Months or 10,000 gallons – whichever comes first

CHLORINE IN YOUR SHOWER Chlorine is universally used to chemically disinfect water. It kills germs, bacteria and other microorganisms. Chlorine readily passes through cell walls, and attaches to fatty acids in the cell, disrupting life-sustaining functions. The human body is composed of billions of similar cells, which also absorb chlorine. It may be necessary to disinfect our tap water with chlorine, but with today’s technology, we do not have to be exposed to it. The quality of our drinking water can be improved, by filtering chlorine from the tap water or drinking bottled water. However, only part of the problem has been addressed. One half of our daily chlorine exposure is from showering. Not only is chlorine absorbed through the skin, but also vaporizes in the shower, inhaled into the lungs and transferred directly into the blood system. In fact, chlorine exposure from one shower is equal to an entire day’s amount of drinking the same water. Therefore, drinking filtered or bottle water addresses only half the problem.

Sprite Shower Filters offer the answer for the complete solution. HHC Cartridge Removed 75% of chlorine at 3,000 gallons Tested and Certified by NSF International Tested and Certified by Manufacturer Tested and Certified by Independent Laboratory  Sprite Shower Falls – Model SFH5-CM

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