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Stones – 4 Elements Clear Quartz Energizer #65004


Stones – 4 Elements Clear Quartz Energizer #65004

Stones – 4 Elements Clear Quartz Energizer #65004

DESCRIPTION: This stunning energizer is made of clear quartz crystal and is housed in a silver toned base.

Everything in nature is made up of the 4 basic elements, fire, air, water and earth and this amazing energizer brings those elements to you. At the center of this talisman is a pyramid, a known amplifier of thought transmission.

Energizers can be used for all ritual and spell work.

Crystal, rocks and stones are believed to have natural magical energies within them. Healers and Followers of the new age have known about these energies and have taken advantage of this knowledge for hundreds of years. Each stone or crystal has its own magical properties and meanings, they can be combined to make a natural force around ones aura. 




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