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Vitamix Wrench #15596


Vitamix – Plastic Retainer Nut Removal Wrench #15596

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Vitamix – Plastic Retainer Nut Removal Wrench #15596


Vitamix Item #15596 plastic retainer nut removal wrench.

This retainer nut removal wrench is great to have around your professional series blender.

If at any time you need to remove or replace the retainer nut this wrench is the perfect fit. Handy for removal or replacement of retainer nut.

 Made from high quality plastic, this wrench will help easily loosen the retainer nut that is attached to the bottom of the Vitamix base.

The wrench is compatible with all Vitamix blenders including the 5200 series, Professional series, TurboBlend series, and the Creations series. Also Use this wrench to remove the blade assembly on the Blending Station®, Blending Station Advance, The Quiet One®, Touch & Go 2®, Drink Machine Advance, Drink Machine Two-Step, Drink Machine Two-Speed, BarBoss® Advance®, and XL™ Variable Speed blenders. All blenders are sold separately.


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