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Water filter pH Balanced Mineral Alkaline water w/purification – Faucet Hookup


X-Green Water Filtration System Makes Great Tasting Mineral Water! pH Balanced, Natural, Mineral Water Filtration System, Purify, Alkalize, Ionize.

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pH Balanced Mineral Alkaline Water Filter w/purification – Faucet Hookup

X-Green Ceramic Water Filtration System Makes Great Tasting Mineral Water!  Purify Water! Alkalize! Ionize! Balance pH! Boost the pH for alkaline type water. Premium, High Quality, Natural, Mineral Water Filtration System.  Hooks up to most kitchen faucets.

No waste water – No electricity required – Hook up onto Kitchen faucet

Water that has a high mineral content tends to be more alkaline.
Nutritional Information:  Calcium ≥ 2.16 ppm     Magnesium ≥ .32 ppm   Potassium ≥ 1.47 ppm     Sodium ≥ .80 ppm

  • Kit Provides solution to test for pH level.
  • No adjustment for pH or Alkalinity.   pH and Alkalinity vary depending on source water, usage and maintenance of unit. pH level average: 8-8.5  
  • Filter Performance/Removal
  • Microbial Cysts—99.90%
  • Crypostosporidium—99.90%
  • Chlorine—99.90%
  • Taste and Odor —99.90%
  • Particulate Class 1—99.90%
  • Sediment—99.90%
  • Rust—99.90%
  • Turbidity—99.90%
  • Bacteriostatic limit growth of bacterial, cyst at —99.90%

Purifies Tap Water and Re-introduces minerals Balances pH levels Ionizes your drinking water.

This unit naturally purifies water and ions are introduced into water when dissolved from minerals from water’s self-ionizing ability, making the water a natural mineral water. The addition of calcium and magnesium make water more alkaline. Alkaline water has a higher pH. Helps to maintain good health, with great tasting water.

How the Filter System Works: Unit contains: 3- multi stage filter cartridges.

  •  Filter—Stage 1—Ceramic w/ Carbon  #W-FCER-C52A-SBFA – Ceramic filter reduces dust, rust cyst, Cryptosporidium & Giardia, particles and sediment above 0.9 micron – KFD media reduces heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and more – Calcium Sulphite media reduces any remaining bleach, chlorine and odour and also balances the pH for a crisp refreshing taste.  – Bio Ceramic Mineral Balls  – Carbon, reduces taste, odour & chemical contaminants.
  • Filter—Stage 2 Bio-Ceramic Mineral Ball  #W-FCER-D250-ABSB – Bio-Ceramic Mineral Balls to activate water molecules, enriches water with calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium with active hydrogen. – Silver Carbon reduces bacterial growth, reduces taste, odour & chemical contaminants.
  • Filter—Stage 3—Ceramic Sediment  #W-FCER-250C-KCBF – Ceramic filter reduces dust, rust, cyst, Cryptosporidium & Giardia, particles And sediment above 0.1 micron – Silver Carbon reduces bacterial growth, reduces taste, odour & chemical contaminants. – Fiber Carbon reduces chlorine, bleach, odour and much more.  – Nano Silver Fiber, removes up to 99% of micro bacteria
  • Counter Top System complete with: Housing assembly, 1/4” Flexible tube, Faucet Diverter, Filter wrench, Ceramic filters.
  • Filter Capacity: 75,000 L
  • Space Requirements: H 13” x W 12” x D 5”


  • X-Green Water are members of the Water Quality Association
  • X-Green Filters are tested a certified by NSF international against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material safety requirements only

Enjoy Natural, Nutritious  Mineral Water In A Minute  

Conditions Of Use Note: Surface of ceramic filters are cleanable. Kit provides a sponge to clean surface from mineral build-up, which also reduces surface bacteria. – Water Must Be Microbiologically Safe (City treated water) – Temperature, 40 To 80 Degrees F – Filter Lifespan 6-12 months –

This Package Includes replacement filters:

  • X-Green Ceramic Water Filter Unit  – includes all the filters in the unit plus extra replacement filters
  • Comes With 2 – Ceramic w/Carbon Filter, Push In #WFCER-C52A-SBFA                   
  • Comes With 1 – Bio Ceramic Mineral Ball Filter, Push In #WFCER-D250-ABSB
  • Comes With 1 – Ceramic Filter .09mc, Push in  #WFCER-2500-KC8F
  • Maintence: >cleaning all of the ceramic filter bodys every 6 months
  •  changing the carbon – 1 time a year   (if low usage change filters @18 months)
  • changing the ceramic mineral ball filter  – every 18 months (if low usage change filters @27 months)
  • changing the ceramic filter – every 18 months (if low usage change filters @ 27 months)

= This unit would be good for 3 years. (if low usage would last 4.5 years)

** Replacement filters are no longer available –

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