50 Shades of Grey Good Book or Just Great Marketing

So surely the book must actually be a good read. Anita Singh, the Daily Telegraph's Showbusiness Editor, tells us that the erotic novel has been derided by critics for appalling writing and slated by Barbara Taylor Bradford for it's boring sex scenes, but that has still not stopped women snapping up the tale of a virginal heroine who falls for a bondage-loving billionaire.

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50 Shades of Grey The Power of Marketing

Like it or not I for one think that this has to be one of the best marketing efforts I have come across in a long time. Its not so much about the content of the book, but more about the mystic and cool factor of being part of the in crowd that has read it. I see people reading it on trains, planes and beaches and I bet that each and every one that reads this book will enjoy a childish girly giggle with their friends. Its cool and the marketers know it and I for one believe they have created an incredible buzz around a pretty ordinary book.

50 Shades of Grey

I understand the power of marketing and creating a buzz. Its what excites people and gets them to buy products, even when they would normally never buy. The only problem is that smaller companies or individuals just don't have the same financial muscle and budget to create a massive marketing campaign to promote their products.

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