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I am excitedto releasethe next webisode. This time, I am on thescene celebrating Lunchbox Theory's3 year anniversary of Afrobeat for your Soul!

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I wanted to do a segmenton afrobeatbecause so may people are unaware of it. Weare familiar withreggae, bossa nova, reggaeton, merengue, calypso, salsa, soca and the list can go on. Yet, when it comes to African music and artists, most people will draw a blank. However, each of the aboveforms of music-as well as African-America music-has been heavily influenced by African music.

Like most Americans, I was introducedtoafrobeatthrough the music of FelaKuti, the father of afrobeat. However, there we're literally hundreds of great African funk, soul, and rock bands. And there areincredible music scenes in West Africa, Ghana and Nigeria in particular. African traditional music and popular musicis vast and varied.And withthe cross-pollination of musicwith western popular music, it will continue to evolve, influence andoffergreat music to the world.

And the featured DJ in the webisode, DJ Underdog offers some of the best Afrobeatmixtapes I have ever heard! So check outDJ Underdog here.

My webisodedoesn't even crack the surface to afrobeat, but I do hope that it peaks your interest enoughto learn more about it. And I plan to do more webisodes featuring dance parties that promote world music. So let's begin to open are ears to music from around the globe.

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