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I sometimes hear debate among authors and aspiring authors on how best to invest their time in their fictional settings, especially SF and fantasy. From time to time, the conversation centers on source material for the writers fictional characters and cultures, especially names. There are those who seem to spend hours agonizing over how many consonants they should add to bookend their character or place names for uniqueness. Others seem satisfied just with whatever conventional fiction has available on tap to borrow.

So what's my take on this? My answer is resoundingly whatever works. Look, it's a huge and fun challenge to come up with names that appear at least somewhat original and are easily pronounced. (Thus my occasional frustration with stories like the Lord Of the Rings, where names are very original, but good luck saying some of them three times in rapid short succession.)

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And as a reader and aspiring author, I truly appreciate the effort writers make at differentiating their fictional worlds from our own. Sometimes, though, I feel that they put so much effort into it that it distracts from the overall story so much so that I have often stopped reading a book entirely and forever because of this.

In the end, you must write what works for the story you're telling, regardless of what the rules say. The key I think is balance. An original and dynamic story world is nothing without a good solid story and plot to take you there. The reverse can also be said. Ultimately, one must tell their story through the landscape and culture of their characters. So keep polishing your names and cultural landscapes, but not at the expense of your story and plot.

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