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Omega Vert VRT 330Masticating Juicer: Live on ‘The Talk’ with Dr. Gadget

The ladies at “The Talk” can not stop talking about the Omega Vert VRT330 Masticating Juicer. Check out the feature clip filmed on March 25th on CBS.

Dr. Gadget (AKA Dave Dettman) showed the ladies how to live longer, richer, healthier and more fulfilled lives through proper nutrition. He demonstrated the ultimate tool for a healthier you, the Omega Vert VRT330 Masticating Juicer will change your life for the better. Juicing is a great way to enjoy fruits and vegetables with all of their natural enzymes and minerals intact. This creates a powerhouse cocktail for maximum health, vitality and longevity.

“The Talk” is a talk show created by actress Sara Gilbert, who also serves as the executive producer. Along with Gilbert, it features Julie Chen as the moderator, Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete, and Sharon Osbourne.

Omega Juicer Products

John Kohler gives an overview of the history and progression of Omega Juicer products. He also and compares the differences and benefits each style of juicer has, between the Centrifugal Juicers, Pulp Ejector Juicers, and the Masticating Juicers (also known as Auger Juicers).


Omega Vert Demonstration

Healthy Living with Omega Juicers Part 1

A juicing demonstration video comparing the various styles of juicers manufactured by Omega Products. The first juicer featured is the Juicer 1000 a centrifugal style juicer which is the most efficient juicer on the market and is used in this video to create a juicer containing apples, ginger, lime and carrots.

The next juicer demonstrated is the Omega Mega Mouth juicer which is also known as a pulp ejector style juicer due to its ability to dispense pulp out the back into a separate collection bin, this feature allows for continuous juicing without interruption. For this demonstration we use the Mega Mouth juicerto mix a blend of fruit and vegetables containing apples, kale, lemon, carrots, and celery.

Healthy Living with Omega Juicers Part 2

Juicing demonstration video featuring the Juicer 8004 which is a horizontal masticating juicer and is used in this video to create a juice blend of pineapple, wheat grass, and parsley.

The next demonstration features the all new Omega Vert Juicer which is a vertical masticating juicer and creates a juice cocktail containing grapes, pomegranate seeds, strawberries, and apples.

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