The Time-Drain Called Facebook

Every Euro that I spend is an investment that I have made in something. When I buy groceries, I'm making an investment in my health and well-being. When I spend money on a business conference, I'm making an investment in my businesses. When I come home with flowers (in my case, potted flowers) I'm making investment in my marriage.

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Further, when I buy organic produce, I'm investing in healthy Chris. When I buy a pizza, I'm investing in unhealthy Chris. When looked at this way, It's very easy for me to maintain good eating habits. Easier than the guilt-fueled manner in which we normally approach our health.

Time is no different, and in many cases, my time, when coupled with my expertise, is how I make my money. Yet, I've not been as careful with how and where I invest my time compared to how I invest my money. Why is that?

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