The opportunity to enhance reputation and monitor it

The applications for the entertainment and restaurant industries are obvious. It provides both the opportunity to enhance reputation and monitor it.What is less obvious are other applications.

Political Campaigns & Digital Advocacy

I have seen it used effectively by political candidates who use it to take voters along with them on a "virtual tour" of their constituencies by allowing them to follow along as they meet and visit with voters.Similarly, NBC used Foursquare in 2012 to keep it followers up to date on the Obama and Romney campaign's.

Foursquare has also been effectively used to improve GOTV efforts. One of the greatest influencers of peoples likelihood to vote are their peers. Experiments have found that when your peers vote an individual's likelihood of doing so also increases dramatically. In the 2010 U.S. elections cycle Foursquare and a group of non-partisan tech consultants created an "I Voted" badge that would appear when users checked in at polling stations. While specific metrics are not available, the possibilities are exciting.

Additionally, Foursquare has been used in political advocacy campaigns. In 2012, GeoPollster, a connected app that integrates with Foursquare, allowed you to check in at your location and see the political donations of that business. It allowed customers to make quick and informed decisions about whether they would patronize that business based on their political views. One can also see how this kind of informed purchasing can also be applied to help consumers make decisions based on a companies labor or environmental.

Clearly, with a little imagination, there are uses for services such as Foursquare outside of merely planning my Friday night or marketing to consumers. I look forward to seeing how this technology develops.

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