The Latest Jaguar XJ 5000 cc Offered in Two Engine Variants

The Latest Jaguar XJ 5000 cc Offered in Two Engine Variants. Jaguar XJ 5000 cc has machine was claimed to be capable of spraying power to 470 horsepower and acceleration from a stop or 0 kilometers (km) to 100 miles per hour is achieved within 4.9 seconds. Sedan transmitting device uses six levels of acceleration which is equipped with the tools Jaguar drive selector and steering wheel mounted paddles.Jaguar XJ 5000 cc is a number of features with the latest technology is also provided in this car. For example, air suspension, adaptive dynamics, active differential control. Alloy set of features results in a stable style of car control, dynamic, and smooth and this is Jaguar XJ 5000 cc.

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Features in interior Jaguar XJ 5000 cc was no less interesting. A panoramic glass roof radiates an aura of luxury and exclusivity. While two screens each measuring 12.3 inches that serves as a high-definition virtual instruments reflect the impression products that follow the latest technological developments.

Jaguar XJ 5000 cc is more complete luxury and comfort with the presence of dual-view technology from an 8-inch touch screen. Screen touch it can play DVD movies, or television programs with split view where the passenger in front of and behind each each could menyakisikan different impressions.

While the particulars market prospects of Jaguar XJ 5000 cc, both Darwin and Maspolim Anas said, the premium car market will continue to grow, even in the middle of the issue of tariff increases in Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) and the application of progressive tax for Jaguar XJ 5000 c.

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