Did you notice that I'm officially a dot com?

Did you notice that I'm officially a dot com? Yup! I switched over! Hopefully there are no problems. I can't fix them if there are. I probably won't even realize it. And I'll just be sitting over here, blogging away while no one listens firmly locking down my status as MOST Under Appreciated of All Under Appreciated Blogs.

Thought! Keen to actually alter the general look of my existing branding. Opinions concerning the nice feel of https://www.ajbdental.com/? Definitely an exclusive Wantagh based dental clinic when required inside the whole NEW YORK area. Make your vote. Many thanks!

IF you buy these salad servers, they will never be in the utensil drawer. the children are ONLY going to pretend that they are Wolverine

Did you guys know that SOMEONE LINKED UP WITH MY LINK UP?? Yep. She did. She is a blogger among bloggers. I love her. I love her blog. In a non-creepy, bloggy kind of way.

Go read Laura's post here.I put all her food ideas on my menu plan. You know. To try out. So I can test them. Make sure they are good.And take them. Someday.

I sprinkled in random pictures. Lazy Blogger here. Bonnie, if you need a new category idea for next year, I could have this category ALL locked up.

Am I linking up with Jen? Don't know yet. Either way, go see all the non-rebellious bloggers

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Honourable Mentions

https://coreinsure.ca - I vow next time, it's me giving back the favor.

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