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Cooler Cup Dispenser


Cooler Cup Dispenser.


Cooler Cup Dispenser

  • Fits 4 oz to 9 oz (120ml – 275ml) cups
  • Fits almost all coolers because of the universal adaptor.
  • Holds 75-125 cups        

The Main problem with cup dispensers is they let out more than one cup. Unless you use exactly the right cup for the spring tension, you get two or three cups in your hand. And then what do most people do? Either throw them out. Or they pop the top open with their dirty, unwashed hands, and put the extra cups back in the stack.

A special spring system that let’s out one cup out at a time. So no more frustration, wasted or dirty cups. Another common problem is cups getting caught in the cup dispensers. Many models are round. And if the cups are almost as wide as the cup dispenser, they can get stuck in the inside. Our cup dispenser is square in shape. So there are no points where the cups can get too tight. They can be mounted onto any flat surface. And because the mounting bracket has many holes, it can screw onto just about any predrilled surface. So you can use it on just about any cooler you have already, not just our coolers.

The cup dispensers are a standard see through style. They’re one of the most popular styles available. They’re quite tall. So are able to hold a large stack of cups. Depending on cup size, that’s 75-125 cups.  

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