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Tapestry/Yoga Mat Elephant Mandala #57562


Tapestry/Yoga Mat Elephant Mandala #57562 Beautiful round Tapestry .  It has been nicely crafted making it a unique design. It is an easy and go item that can be used to sit on and meditate – as a beach towel—or a wrap for cool nights.

Tapestry/Yoga Mat Elephant Mandala #57562

This Beautiful Round Elephant Mandala Tapestry comes in beautiful  colored print.  It has been nicely crafted in the  making it a unique design.  It is an easy and go item that can be used to sit on and meditate – as a beach towel—or a wrap for cool nights.

It comes in a beautiful pink, lavender blueish print.  It is a easy grab and go item that can be used as a sofa throw, bed spread, table cloth, beach cover.

Elephant Mandala Meaning

Emerging from the Indian traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, the intricate elephant mandala patterns represent both the “internal universe” of the person creating the mandala, as well as the universe at large and the person’s connection to it.

A mandala (which simply means “circle” in Sanskrit) can help a person to center themselves, aiding greatly in meditation and helping to create a spiritual link to the cosmos.

Naturally, not all mandalas are the same, but – on the contrary – each one is highly unique. Different mandalas utilize different symbologies. For example, the themes of different animals. where each animal represents a specific set of virtues, are common.

The elephant, possibly the most revered animal in India, is a favorite for this purpose. So which virtues does this beautiful animal represent? Below, we’ll take a close look at the meaning of the elephant in India and its significance in mandalas.

  • Made of Polyester
  • Size: 60″ round

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