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Lip Balm Tube & Cap twist up bottom (9pack)


Tube and Cap for Lip Balms – twist up bottom. Comes empty.

Tube and Cap Lip Balm – twist up bottom – 9 pack

Balm Tubes are perfect for packaging lip balms but are also great for bug bite sticks, headache temple balm, blemish treatment sticks, cover sticks, and solid perfume, and more!

** Price is for 4.  Image shows for alternate views of the product.

.15 oz/ 4.25 ml – 9 per package

Empty, new white lip balm tubes, with twist up bottom and pressure fit cap.


  • Twist-up base (propel/repel) allows your product to be evenly and cleanly dispensed.
  • Capacity is .15 oz. (4.25 ml), height of 67mm, diameter of 16mm. (same size as Chapstick or Burt’s Bees)
  • Tube is manufactured of polypropylene. BPA free.
  • Maximum filling temperate is 120° – filling with a solution too warm will warp the plastic, damage the mechanism and/or cause leaking.


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