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Water Bottle Carboy – 19 L / 5 gal – Crown Neck


Water Cooler Water Bottle – Polycarbonate – 19L (5 gal) Crown Neck

Water Bottle Polycarbonate – 18.9 L (5 gallon) With Handle – Crown neck

Strong Durable Water Bottle. Water Cooler Bottles or Carboys are large cylindrical jugs that water delivery companies use for years. The bottles are fairly universal and can be used on or in most coolers. Often used with bottle pumps for easy dispensing of water.

  • Canadian manufactured
  • 18.9 Litre / 5 gal
  • Made from Polycarbonate #1 for a strong, long lasting bottle  Used by most water coolers and by most bottle delivery companies.
  • Uses standard snap on caps
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Height 19.293″ x Diameter 10.67


  • Local pick up only!  Fill bottle with water – A Water Fill station is in our store.
  •  The cart will let you buy these, and if you DO want us to ship these, you do so at your own RISK. Because empty bottles are bulky, shipping is costly.
  • We can refuse to ship this item.

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