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1 liter/32 oz Glass EZ Cap Bottle Swing Top Cobalt Blue – Solar Water


Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles—with EZ Clip non-metallic lids. 1 liter (1 liter is a little more than 33 oz.). This is blue glass, will not peal or scratch off.  Perfect for making Solar Water – Zero Limits. Kombucha Brewing, or a beautiful blue glass water bottle.

1 liter/32 oz Glass EZ Cap Bottle Swing Top Cobalt Blue – Solar Water

E.Z.Cap Swing-top bottles are North America’s highest quality glass bottle, perfect for craft beer, wine, cider, vinegars, mead, kombucha, sauces… and Blue Solar Water! Showcase your special beverage in our reusable, traditionally styled bottle!

The idea behind Blue Solar Water is to fill a blue, glass bottle with water and leave it in the sunlight for a couple of hours (the name says it all). The longer the glass-bottle and water duo is left in the sun, the more positive energy .

Blue Solar Water has become popular after the book “Zero Limits” by Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale. Featured the ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique, Ho’oponopono.

Blue solar water provides the powerful energy of the sun,  and the fascinating properties of the healing and calming blue color.

Includes: Blue Glass bottle, Swing Top Assembly includes Plastic Stopper, Gasket and Wire Cage, Reusable. Note – these caps are hard to use when bottles are new.  They tend to loosen up with use.

  • EZ cap glass bottles are thicker and stronger than regular bottles
  • Strong molded cap with replaceable rubber seal
  • Cap and seal are FDA approved materials (non metallic)
  • Reinforced neck and bottle top
  • Heavy gauge wire mechanism
  • Amber, cobalt blue, or flint (clear) glass ( color is in the glass—not painted on)
  • Dual top, accepts crown caps (optional) as well as the swing top cap included
  • Reinforced base
  • Smooth sides for adhesive labeling
  • Re-sealable, re-usable, re-cyclable
  • Above all, be sure to check the bottom of your bottle for our logo to be sure you have received a genuine E.Z.Cap bottle!
  • 32 oz Long Neck
  • 1 liter is a little more than 32 oz.—Height including lid: 31 cm Diameter at base 10 cm. Weight empty 735 gms
  • 100 PSI

** If using carbonization Note: Control the amount of carbonation emitted when you open the cap.. Remove the swing top slowly.

Swing top—EZ Cap Care Instructions

  1. Wash your caps and bottles by hand. Do not place them in the dishwasher. Swing-top bottles are dishwasher safe, but it isn’t practical to clean them that way… (the wire will tarnish, the seal wont last as long due to high temperatures, and chance of cracks or breakage… if bottle moves in the wash cycle. Also… other food particles may be inserted into the bottle with water spray and stick inside glass)
  2. There is no need to remove the caps from the bottles. We recommend a good bottle brush for a good and thorough bottle cleaning.
  3. Use hot, soapy water, shake and let soak for 5-10 min, rinse well. Do not use high temperature cooking methods on the caps. This will cause the seal to deteriorate faster. If you would like to sterilize them, submerge in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.
  4. To clean under the seal, simply flip the seal up and clean underneath.
  5. To dry, drip dry upside down… then set bottle upside right, with the seal flipped up, air dry. When the bottles and caps are dry, you can flip the seal back into position.
  6. To seal a swing-top bottle, put the flip-top onto the bottle, put the prongs in the holes on each side of the bottle, line up the stopper with the bottle opening, and then push down on the latch. The latch, paired with the rubber gasket on the stopper, makes for an airtight seal.

** Glass product, No Warranty **

If you want us to ship these, you do so at your own RISK! Courier/Post insurance will not cover glass! We will make sure they are very well packed for shipping. Be aware the shipping box is large enough to accommodate the bottle size, weight and packaging. Shipping cost is calculated from volume of package not weight.

Most likely shipping will cost as much or more as the bottles do.

  • You can pick this item up in our Edmonton store, or request a shipping quote.
  • 6 bottles – boxed cubes to shipping weight of 8 kg
  • 5 bottles – boxed cubes to shipping weight of 6.5 kg
  • 3 bottles – boxed cubes to shipping weight of 5 kg
  • 1 bottle boxed cubes to shipping weight of 2 kg
  • Size of box and packing used in shipping determines shipping cost, as this is more than the weight of the box.

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