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Lip Balm Tube & Cap twist up bottom .15 ml


Tube and Cap – Lip Balm – twist up bottom

Tube and Cap Lip Balm – twist up bottom

** Price is for one only.  Image shows more than one for alternate views of the product.

.15 oz/ 4.25 ml


Empty, new white lip balm tubes with, Twist up bottom and pressure fit cap.

Perfect for lip balm but are also great for bug bite sticks, headache temple balm, blemish treatment sticks, cover sticks, and solid perfume, and more!

Twist-up base (propel/repel) allows your product to be evenly and cleanly dispensed.

Capacity is .15 oz. (4.25 ml), height of 67mm, diameter of 16mm. (same size as Chapstick or Burt’s Bees)

Tube is manufactured of polypropylene. BPA free.

Maximum filling temperate is 120° – filling with a solution too warm will warp the plastic, damage the mechanism and/or cause leaking.






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