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Essential Oil How to Use Guide


Essential Oil How to Use Guide

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Essential Oils – How to use them Guide




in the bath…


Adults: 6-12 drops diluted in 2 tbsps vegetable oil (such as sweet almond oil) after bath is poured.


Children: 1-2 drops diluted in 2 tbsps vegetable oil after bath is poured.


as a body oil…


Adults: 12 drops per 25ml carrier oil such as sweet almond or grapeseed. (The number of ml of carrier oil divided by 2 gives the number of drops of essential oil to be added to the carrier oil. This yields 3% essential oil in 97% carrier oil.)


Children: 3-4 drops per 25ml carrier oil. This is 1% essential oil in 99% carrier oil.


Always check sensitivity to oils by preparing the correct dilution for adult or child and then apply small amount to a part of the arm. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. The above directions for preparing essential oils are general only; individuals with very sensitive skin may want to try 1% dilutions.


Face Oil…


6-8 drops essential oil to 25 ml of carrier oil




10 drops in 1000ml water. Ring cloth out and place on area, or for lavender only: 2-3 drops undiluted oil on gauze, place on area and wrap with plastic. Duration of compress: 20-60 min.




10 drops in basin of hot water. Place towel overhead, lean over basin & inhale for 10 min, up to 3 x per day.


Air Spray…


20 drops of essential oil to 200 ml water




Potpourri pot filled with water add 3-5 drops of oil.  Oils evaporate quickly so replace drops when scent fades.




A few drops on tissue and tuck in pillowcase or in final rinse of wash. Oils may also be added in lotions, shampoos etc.  Create your own uses.


** Always check sensitivity to oils by preparing correct dilution for adult or child use and then apply small amount to part of the arm.  Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  The above directions for preparing oils are general only: individuals with very sensitive skin may want to try 1% dilutions.


** This information sheet is not meant to take the place of qualified professional assistance nor are claims being made with regard to the medicinal value of the above essential oils either alone or in combination.  This information is presented as a brief summary of information found in the aromatherapy literature.   For further information on aromatics consult the literature on aromatherapy and essential oils.  


 Recommended Reading:  The Aromatherapy Bible  The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils


Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils—Pure and Natural

Find out more about Essential Oils – Properties and the Uses of Essential Oils – Check the following books: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils or the Aromatherapy Bible.

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Blends: Bandits Blend (Thieves Oil), Winter Blend, Angel Rain 1, Angel Rain 2

Precious Oil Blends: Sandalwood 5% in Jojoba oil, Rose 5% in Jojoba oil,  Jasmine 5% in Jojoba oil,  Neroli 5% in Jojoba oil.

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