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Aroma Bracelet Stainless Rosegold/leather – Rose


Aroma Bracelet Stainless Rosegold/Leather – Rose

Aroma Bracelet Stainless Rosegold/Leather – Rose

Stunning!  Unique Bracelet for diffusing essential oils

A beautiful bracelet that is functional, yet very fashionable! Unique! The bracelet is 100% surgical stainless steel, which makes it the perfect way to diffuse in style.

Simply infuse the pad with your favourite essential oil or blends, breathe in and inhale wellness!

Approx size: 20 mm.  

  • Bracelet Length: 7.5″

Bracelet Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel with Rose Gold Coated, mix with handcrafted leather band.

Keep your favourite blends close to you with this aromatherapy locket in stainless steel.

Diffusing essential oils – Simply add the essential oil blend of your choice and be immersed in benefits all day long.

  • Locket carries scent all day long and everyday.
  • Magnetic Clasp.
  • Gift box included.
  • You can send it as a gift to your family or friends or keep one for your own use. 

How to Use:

  • Open the locket and apply 1-3 drops of essential oil to a pad.
    • Allow a few minutes for the pad to absorb the oils. Depending on the essential oil, the smell can last up to a week.
  • Want to change scents? No problem!  pads are completely reusable/washable. To wash a pad, run it under the sink with a little bit of soap and let it air dry. Or replace.

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