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Autodrain Solenoid Valve 100075


Polar Bear Water Distiller – Parts – Autodrain – Drain Solenoid Valve

Parts: Autodrain – Drain Solenoid Valve Polar Bear

Valve, Autodrain Solenoid, 120V /110V

Universal Part fits –  Polar Bear Water Distillers Item# 100182     

Polar Bear Water Distillers Models: , 26C, 26CT, 26C8, 26D, 26D4, 26D8, 42D, 42D5, 42D10, 42D25, 100L, 180L, 200L

 Measurements: between hose connections 3 ¾ x between bracket 2 5/8 wide x end to end length 4 5/8


Please read complete instructions before replacing components.

Parts Referred To:

Part#                  Qty        Description

100182               1            Solenoid Valve, Auto-drain 110V, S-55

Tools Required

Red Robertson Screwdriver

Needle Nose Pliers

Water Pump Pliers

Assembly Instructions

  1. Turn your distiller main power off. Drain the boiling tank by pressing the momentary drain switch on your auto-drain. Unplug your distiller and wait at least 1 hour for it to cool. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DRAIN THE BOILING TANK, wait at least 2 hours for the distiller to cool.
  2. Using the Robertson screwdriver, remove the screws on the auto-drain cover and slide cover off auto-drain frame.

  3. IF YOU WERE UNABLE TO DRAIN YOUR BOILING TANK, remove the kep nuts (12) on the circuit board (13) and slide board out. Lift board above the level of the hose clamps (4).

  4. Unplug the auto-drain from the distiller and disconnect the wires from the solenoid valve with the needle nose pliers.

  5. Remove the hose clamp from the top of the solenoid and slide hose (5) off of valve. IF YOU WERE UNABLE TO DRAIN YOUR BOILING TANK, use a bucket to collect the boiling tank water, and reattach board.

  6. Remove the screws (1) attaching the auto-drain to the distiller and remove the auto-drain.

  7. Remove the kep nuts (8) and screws (19) holding the solenoid valve to the auto-drain and reattach wires. Place lower hose on the new valve.

  8. Attach the auto-drain to the distiller. Connect the top hose to the solenoid valve and plug in auto-drain. Ensure the auto-drain lower hose drains into a suitable location.

  9. Plug in your distiller but do not turn it on. Depress the momentary manual drain switch. You should hear the valve open (it will make a “click” sound). If you do not, ensure that the valve wires are connected and that the auto-drain and distiller are plugged in. Replace the auto-drain cover and turn on distiller.

The auto-drain should now function properly. If it does not, we suggest taking your distiller to an authorized service representative. or phone 1-780-477-1328 for assistance.




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