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Bees Wax TeaLights 6pk clear cup


100% Pure Canadian Beeswax – 6 tealights with clear cups.
Emits Negative Ions – Non-Toxic – Non-Allergenic – Long Burning

Bees Wax Candles Tea Lights – 6pk with clear cup

100% Pure Canadian Beeswax

6 Tealights/pack  –  aprox burn time 4-5 hours

Hand Poured Tea Light Candle.  Cotton/Paper Wick. Tea light cups are manufactured in North America and Recyclable.

All tealight cups (plastic or metal) should be placed in a proper tealight holder or on a heat resistant surface, as beeswax burns hotter than paraffin.

Why Beeswax?

    • Canadian Beeswax 100% Pure
    • Quality hand crafted
    • Emits Negative Ions – Removes airborne toxins
    • Non-Toxic – Non-Allergenic – excellent for people with allergies and sensitivities. Safe scent for pets.
    • Naturally Aromatic – Subtle honey aroma emitted offers a natural aromatherapy
    • Burns with golden flames and golden halos, produces quality light in the full spectrum of the sun
    • Excellent value, pure beeswax, no fillers, so candles burn longer
    • All Natural, Renewable and Long burning
    • Promotes healthy ecosystems and responsible apiaries
    • 100% pure beeswax to enhance your well-being

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