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Bees Wax Pieces 1 lb – 100% Pure Canadian


100% Pure Canadian Beeswax. Candle top ups. Little shapes – 454 gm. Non-Toxic – Non-Allergenic. For candle top up or crafting.

 Bees Wax Pieces 100% Pure Canadian – 454g / 1 lb

Great for crafts and a multitude of household uses, as well as a base ingredient in your own health care products.

Candle Top Ups. Use these beeswax pieces to top up or fed your candles to extend their life and maintain wick height.

Most recipes call for grating beeswax, so that it melts more quickly, this makes beeswax pieces handy.

What it does:  Beeswax is one of the most popular and widely used thickeners in skin care products, found in everything from lip balms to body butters, creams, salves, and lotions.  But along with thickening product, it also adds its own rich, soothing, healing, antibiotic properties – bee energy!

Why Beeswax?

  • Canadian Beeswax 100% Pure
  • Quality hand crafted
  • Emits Negative Ions – Removes airborne toxins
  • Non-Toxic – Non-Allergenic – excellent for people with allergies and sensitivities. Safe scent for pets.
  • Naturally Aromatic – Subtle honey aroma emitted offers a natural aromatherapy
  • Burns with golden flames and golden halos, produces quality light in the full spectrum of the sun
  • Excellent value, pure beeswax, no fillers, so candles burn longer
  • All Natural, Renewable and Long burning
  • Promotes healthy ecosystems and responsible apiaries
  • 100% pure beeswax to enhance your well-being


100% Pure Canadian Beeswax PeicesBeeswax peices can be used for a wide variety of hobby, craft or household purposes. Here are a few ideas. 

Pure beeswax has been used for household, hobby and professional reasons since the beginning of time.

Beauty Products – Common body care products use beeswax in their formulation. Such as skin moisturizers, lip balms and body creams. Beeswax creates a barrier which helps to seal moisture into the skin. This is especially beneficial during the dry winter months. This barrier also helps to protect the skin from environmental toxins and irritants.

Crafts – Ukrainian Easter Eggs, batik, caustic painting, tying flies for fishing, carpentry, making healing balms and salves, waterproofing, strengthening sewing thread, wood finishing and preserving, etc.

Thread Strengthener – anyone that does quilting or leather work knows about the benefits of beeswax as a strengthener for thread, just like Grandma used to do. Thread your needle and then simply run your sewing thread through the side edge of the wax two or three times. This not only strengthens and waterproofs the thread, but makes it less likely to knot up and get tangled while sewing. Crafter’s blocks were created specifically for this use and are ideal for any craft or sewing box.

Carpenter’s Assistant – when working with hard woods, liquefy the beeswax and then dip your screws in the wax and they will go into the wood far easier.

Children’s Candle Craft – there is a small piece of natural fiber wick in each of our crafter’s block packages that you can use to make your own tealight candle. Using a pair of pliers, hold a small nail and heat it over a flame. When hot, burn a hole through the center top of the crafter’s block. Insert a piece of wick leaving a 1/4” of wick on top and press the wick into the bottom to seal the wick in place. Ideally, place your handmade tealight into a tealight cup or receptacle before lighting to contain the wax as it liquefies.



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