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Bell 26 Blood Pressure Formula Combo 60 Caps


Bell #26 Blood Pressure Formula Combo 60 Capsules Healthy Blood Pressure with the Power of Nature.

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Bell  #26 Blood Pressure Formula Combo

Size: 60 capsules


Blood Pressure Formulation

  • With superior quality fish peptides.
  • Science-backed herbal phytonutrients.
  • Promotes flexible, relaxed blood vessels.
  • Optimizes the whole circulatory system.
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
Although medication can lower blood pressure, it may also cause side effects such as dizziness and insomnia. Fortunately, you can also normalize your blood pressure naturally without worrying about harmful after-effects. Bell Blood Pressure Combo is a natural alternative to help support your health. It unites cutting-edge fish peptides with health-enhancing herbs, backed by centuries of traditional use.
Fish peptides are bioactive food-based proteins believed to perform important physiological functions within the body. Researchers have suggested that among these functions, fish peptides appear to support blood vessels and maintain healthy blood pressure.
The combination of fish peptides with beneficial natural herbs for blood pressure, like passionflower and pomegranate, make the Blood Pressure Formulation Combo a one-of-a-kind formula that offers nutritional support for your overall cardiovascular health and well-being.
Ingredients: Celery seed extract 10:1 (Apium graveolens) (seed) 150 mg, Garlic extract 10:1 (Allium sativa) (bulb) 150 mg, Naticol 1000TM Marine Collagen (source of fish peptides) 100 mg, Parsley extract 10:1 (Petroselinum crispum) (leaf) 100 mg, Passionflower extract 10:1 (Passiflora incarnata) (herb) 100 mg, Barberry extract (97% berberine) (berberis vulgaris) (root) 50 mg, Pomegranate extract (40% ellagic acid) (Punica granatum) (fruit) 50 mg.
Suggested Use: 1 capsule, twice daily. If needed, take 2 capsules twice daily.

I was on medication, but my blood pressure was still 170/80…
..and after 6 years, I decided to take Bell Blood Pressure Combo. It was in the catalogue I got when I bought some Prostate Ezee Flow Tea. I took 2 capsules per day and my blood pressure went down to 121/66. Even after I changed to just 1 capsule a day, my BP stayed low. Dr. Robert J. McClanahan, 85, Kingsville, ON. (519)733-4715.

Dr. Robert J. McClanahan, 85, Kingsville ON, (519) 733-4715

Blood pressure went from 170/110 down to 110/70.
Blood pressure went from 170/110 down to 110/70. I was on three medications that didn’t help. Within a month on Bell Blood Pressure Combo, my BP dropped to 110/70. I thought I didn’t need it anymore and my BP went up to 170/110 again. I will now stay on Bell. I am surprised about its effectiveness without side effects. Bell exceeded my expectations. Patrick McManus, 52, Edmonton, AB.

Patrick McManus, 52, Edmonton AB

Tried many different blood pressure drugs and had side effects with all!
For 20 years I was on blood pressure drugs and it still was 180/95 with side effects like being tired or breaking out in a rash and others. Since taking Bell Blood Pressure Combo #26 my blood pressure is down to 135/80 and I feel so much better. I can do things now I couldn’t do before because I ran out of energy. What a relief to feel this good again.

George Jagush, 75, Browerville, MN, Phone (320) 594-2852


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