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Bottle Glass Blue 1 L EZCap


Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles—with non-metallic lids.1 liter (1 liter is a little more than 33 oz.). This is blue glass, will not peal or scratch off.

Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles—with non-metallic lids.  EZ Clip Cap

1 liter (1 liter is a little more than 33 oz.)  

Height including lid: 31 cm Diameter at base 10 cm. Weight empty 735 gms

This is blue glass! – so color will not scratch or peel off.

Tops: The spring tops remove from these bottles (the end of the springs fit into a small indention on either side of the bottle top – these indentions do not go all the way through the glass). If you don’t want to use the metal spring, you can simply remove the tops and use these bottles with a cork or plastic wrap.

Blue Solar Water—It is an ancient Hawaiian practice (among other cultures) to place water in blue (or other color) glass containers and place in the sun to sterilize the water.

Read the book “Zero Limits” —by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len. Featuring the ancient teachings of Hawaiian Ho’oponopono.

We cannot guarantee that these will arrive in one piece. The online shopping cart will let you buy these, and if you DO want us to ship these, you do so at your own RISK. We will make sure they are well packed for shipping. Be aware the shipping box is large enough to accommodate the bottle size, weight and packaging. Shipping cost is calculated from volume of package not weight.

This item does not qualify for the free shipping offer, we will discount shipping if you order with other items.  You can pick this item up in our store, or request a shipping quote.

  • 6 bottles – boxed cubes to shipping weight of 8 kg
  • 3 bottles – boxed cubes to shipping weight of 5 kg
  • 1 bottle boxed cubes to shipping weight of 2 kg
  • Size of box and packing used in shipping determines shipping cost, as this is more than the weight of the box.

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