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Cap-M-Quick “00” Capsule Filler


Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filler – “Size 00”

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Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filler – “Size 00”

The Cap-M-Quik  has been in use for over twenty years and for good reason. It offers an inexpensive, yet effective method of helping to increase your capsule production.

Each filler has a tray which holds up to fifty (50) size 00 capsules and comes with a card to help spread your filling agent into the capsules quickly and easily.


Many people report being to finish an entire tray of fifty capsules in less than ten minutes, and it gets easier and faster each time you do it. If you’ve ever used their system before, then you already know how amazing it is. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?

*** This is the Size 00 filler.  ( Base, Capsule Holder, 2 Spacer, Spreader) *** OPTIONAL The Tamper is purchased seperatly.

  • Do it yourself and know for sure what’s in your capsules!
  • Save money by filling your capsules!
  • Fill 50 capsules in a few minutes!
  • SIZE “00”
  • OPTIONAL – tamper has 50 pins to pack down the contents of the 50 filled capsules being held in the capsule filler.
  • Easy to use! Dishwasher safe

Capsule Filler (Consists of base, holder, and spacers) is manually operated and hold 50 capsules (NOTE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TAMPER)




1: Assemble – Before starting, place capsule holder on large peice of  paper. Place spacers on end posts facing center. Set holder on the four corner posts resting on the spacers above base.

2: Load – Manually separate capsules placing the longer half into holes. (Top of capsules should be below surface of holder)

3: Fill – Pour powdered herbs or vitamins onto holder spreading substance evenly with card, filling all capsules.

4: Optional Tamp – The optional accessory “Tamper” can be used at this point to simultaneously pack contents of capsules. Remove excess substance carefully by scraping away from holder onto paper. Use tamper to pack contents of capsules. Refill capsules and repeat process.

5: Cap Turn end spacers 90 degrees. Holder will fall down exposing upper half of filled capsules. Manually replace top cap and remove filled capsules.


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