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Charcoal Filter Cups – 6 pack

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Distiller Post Carbon Filter Cups – Box of 6 Activated coconut carbon post filter

Distiller Post Carbon Filter Cups – Box of 6 Activated coconut carbon post filter.

Filter size: 5 cm tall x 5 cm in diameter – there is a lip on the top – to outside of the outer edge 6 cm

The disposable post filter cup contains granular activated carbon (GAC) produced from pure virgin coconut shell material. GAC acts ad a final “polishing” agent to enhance taste and purity of steam distilled water by adsorption, aeration and degasification.

Sterilize & Rinse… Remove and discard used filter cup. Pour one to two cups of Distilled water through the filter cup to rinse away any small harmless carbon fines (dust). Water draining from the filter cup may contain black dust. This is typical. This carbon dust is formed as a result of production, packaging and shipping of the filter cup. Once water runs clear through the filter cup, to ensure optimum water purity, it is recommended that each new filter cup be properly sterilized by fully immersing in boiling water for about five minutes. Allow filter cup to cool before handling. Rinse briefly with pure water before installing.

Install… Place the sterilized filter cup into opening of the collection/storage reservoir.

Replace… Discard used filter cup and replace it every two months or after 60-80 gallons of water processed (whichever comes first). 

DO NOT reuse filter cup.

Note:Recommended change every 2 months or after 60-80 gallons of water processed (whichever comes first) Effective life of a filter cup will vary depending on quantity of water produced and the quality of tap water used.

If you notice a change in taste of the steam distilled/filtered water, clean distiller boiling tank and install a new filter cup. 

The W8010 Carbon Postfilter Cup is used with the following distillers:

 Please refer to dimensions prior to ordering to make sure this is the correct filter… as things do change.  Filter size: 5 cm tall x 5 cm in diameter – there is a lip on the top – to outside of the outer edge 6 cm

  • Dol-Fyn water distillers
  • W10000 Series,  W4000 Series,  W000 Series
  • Aquaflo
  • Precision Water Distiller Model 5-3
  • AR18, ARS 2000, ARS 3000
  • Nautilus™ (a.k.a. Millenium™)
  • Tuttnauer 7000, 7000-8, 7000-12, 9000
  • WestBend Watr Distillers – West Bend® Millenium™ W8010 filter
  • West Bend Dove
  • Sears Item#SPM173296348
  • Tribest Purewise® Water Distiller Model: PW-10000
  • Roex
  • Premier
  • Purewise® Tribest Water Distiller 6 pack carbon filter PW01P002P
  • Waterwise® Automatic Distiller Models 7000, 7024, 7029, 7022
  • Waterwise® Countertop Distiller Model 9000
  • Purewise® 6506, 6506RC, 9000pf, 9000F, Purewise W1000 Carbon Post Filter Cups
  • SCI-CAN Aquastat Waterstat Carbon Filter 6/pk CL67779
  • Heidolph Tuttnauer Replacement Coconut Carbon Filter Cartridge for Model 9000 Purewise® Benchtop Water Distiller


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