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Dendritic Salt – 500g


Dendritic Salt is often used in DIY projects, making of bath salts, milk baths and exfoliants.

Dendritic Salt – 500g

Dendritic Salt is a very fine grain salt with a greater surface area than most salts on the market. This greater surface area allows the salt to absorb twice the amount of oil. It has less clumping, greater fragrance retention and dissolves quickly in water. Use in bath salts, milk baths and exfoliants.

What is it? Dendritic Salt is a high surface area salt that is used in bath salt formulations to improve fragrance retention and reduce/prevent clumping. Small white crystals; visually indistinguishable from table salt. I find ~10% is typically sufficient to prevent clumping.

Dendritic salt is a highly processed, commercially manufactured salt. Unlike natural salts like sea salt or Himalayan salt that contain minerals, dendritic salt has its minerals removed. It is a very pure salt, consisting of 99.9% sodium chloride, with less than 100 p.p.m. calcium and magnesium impurities.

Its large surface makes it a salt that is highly soluble and has a great blending ability. Furthermore, the star-like appearance of dendritic salt gives it the ability to absorb moisture without becoming wet.

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