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Dreamcatcher Woven Yin Yang #30092

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Dreamcatcher Woven Yin Yang #30092.  Dream catchers are an ancient spiritual tool used to protect the sleeper from bad dreams.

Dreamcatcher Woven Yin Yang #30092

 8″ Diameter top hoop x 21″ Length aprox

 Not Native American made. May vary slightly from description.

DESCRIPTION :  The center of this delightful black and white dreamcatcher has been woven into the symbol of the Yin Yang. Matching beads and feathers hang from the rim. Hang this dreamcatcher anywhere balance is needed.

Woven a bit like a cobweb, the dream catcher has the function to filter all dreams. Good dreams stay in the bedroom, while bad dreams are imprisoned and burnt at sunrise with the first rays of light. In Chinese philosophy, Yin-Yang represent the two great opposite but complementary forces at work in the cosmos. Yin is the female, cold, dark, passive power. Yang represents masculinity, light, and warmth. The interplay of the two forces makes up chi, or the material principle governing the universe. Their balance is essential to harmony and health.


SYMBOL : Dream catchers are an ancient spiritual tool used to protect the sleeper from bad dreams. A dreamcatcher should be hung over the place you sleep and where the morning light can hit it. All dreams will then filter through the dreamcatcher, where good dreams will glide down the feathers to the sleeper below and bad dreams will get caught in the web and be destroyed by the first beam of morning light.


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