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ELBOW 90, 1/2″ FPT x 1/2″OD TUBE – 1 Elbow & Nut #034002


ELBOW 90, 1/2″ FPT x 1/2″OD TUBE

ELBOW 90, 1/2″ FPT x 1/2″OD TUBE #034002 x 1

Replacement Part. Elbow 90 with Nut cone ring set – is often used when installing a shurflo demand pump and water lines on to Polar Bear or Precision Water Distillers. Also to connect water line onto a shurflo pressure tank.

  • Price is for 1 – Photo shows alternate views of the same part – Note: You may need 2 or 3 of these, see below.
  • Installation of new shurflo pump on to distiller uses 3 of these parts.
  • Installation of water line on to shurflo pressure tank uses 2 of these parts.

Polar Bear Water Distiller Part  Polar Bear Water Distillers Models: 226-14, 26C, 26CT, 26C8, 26D, 26D4, 26D8 – use 1100 watt element, 42D, 42D5, 42D10, 42D25, 100L, 200L

Precision Water Distillers part # 034002 Precision Water Distillers Models: 8-5, 8-8, 12-12, 12-20

Can be installed on may water distillers

How a Pump is installed onto a water distiller 
written specifically for Models: PWS 8-8, PWS 12-12 & PWS 12-20 – but can be adapted to other models of distillers.

1. Remove the distiller head from the storage tank. Turn your distiller storage tank upside down. Push the pump over the 4 (10-24) studs mounted on the bottom of the storage tank. Use the washers and nuts provided to secure the pump to the tank with the pump fittings to outer edge of tank.
2. There are 3 of ½”FPT x ½” Compression elbows needed. Screw one elbow on the stainless steel tank nipple, tighten snug. Take the second elbow and screw onto the pump inlet side. Remove the nut/cone/ring set off of the two elbows and slide onto the plastic tube. Connect one end
of the tube to each elbow and tighten. Use caution not to overtighten.
3. Take the third elbow and screw onto the outlet side of the pump. After all fittings are tightened, turn the storage tank upright and reinstall the distiller head on the storage tank.
4. Now you are ready to attach the ½” water line to the fitting on the outlet side of the pump and your faucet.
5. To install your faucet you will require to drill a 7/8″ hole in the sink. Drill a 9/16″ or 5/8″ hole through the counter, sub floor and floor to
accommodate the water line. Install the faucet through the 7/8″ hole in the sink and use the fitting provided to secure. Tighten with basin wrench.
6. Secure ½” tubing into faucet with the ½” Nut/Cone/Ring set and tighten. Use the ½” line clips to secure the water line.
7. It is a good idea to pour approximately 4-5 gallons of distilled water into your storage tank after you install the pump to check the fitting for leaks.
However, if you do not have any water available, let the distiller run. As it fills the storage tank, the water will automatically turn the pump switch on and the pump will pressurize your water line, check for leaks at this time.




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