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FAUCET Pantry 1/2″ RUBEX Chrome


Single Pantry Faucet, in Chrome Finish. Commonly used with Polar Bear and Precision Water distillers using 1/2″ water line. Made in Italy, by Rubex.

Faucet Pantry 1/2″ RUBEX Chrome

Chrome Pantry Faucet – used with a demand pump installed on the distiller.  Allows you to dispense distilled water at a faucet usually installed at the kitchen sink… this faucet can be several feet away from the distiller.

  • Chrome
  • Metal Handel
  • Spout height is 130mm
  • Shank length is 3 3/8
  • 1/2″NPT
  • Overall Height 10”
  • No Rotating Piston

To be used with 1/2” water line.  Can be used with 3/8” line with a reducer.

(Drill 7/8” or 1 in ok in counter top)

Commonly used with Polar Bear and Precision Water Distillers using 1/2″ water line.

  • Rubex, Item # 3710-871M
  • Made in Italy



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