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Faucet water cooler Thermal Concept IK Series


Faucet for water cooler – Thermal Concept – IK Series

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 Faucet for water cooler –  Thermal Concept – IK Series


Thermal Concepts

IK Series Bottled Water Coolers

Pacifik, Baltik, Nordik

Cold Water Faucet—Fast Flow

Body Color: Black

Lever Color: blue


Fits Thermal Concepts Water Coolers:  Pacifik, Baltik, Nordik



Remove the two faucets:
* Grip the cold water (blue tab) faucet and turn it counter-clockwise until the nozzle is at 90° (horizontal to the right), then pull;
* Grip the warm water (white tab) or hot water (red tab) faucet and turn it clockwise until the nozzle is at 270° (horizontal to the left), then pull.

Re-install the faucets:
* The cold-water faucet (blue tab) goes in the right hand side socket (facing the cooler). Insert with nozzle at 90° in the socket (fitting), push hard and turn clockwise;


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