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Faucet water cooler white Male 9/16″ Thread Length x 1/2” MPT


Male Cooler Faucet (9/16″ Thread Length x 1/2” MPT) White Body & White lever

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Male Cooler Faucet  (9/16″ Thread Length x 1/2” MPT)

Body Color: white (also available in Black  Choose Lever color)

Lever Color: white (also available in black, blue,  or red)

Fits Most Water Coolers: Oasis, Elkay, Ebco, Cordley, Tempright, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Sunroc, Celsius, Cima, Crystal Mountain

Recommend that you put Teflon Tape on all threads to insure a tight seal.

Can Change lever color—sold as complete faucet only.

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