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Filter Charcoal Megahome Large Double Sized – 8 pack

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Large Sized Activated Charcoal Filter Packets / Sachet / Tea bags. Carbon filter packs are suitable for MegaHome MH-943, EcoPure WD-E, Ecowater/Tapworks #10000 series, Water Wizard, Waterwise 4000 distillers and similar distillers.

Activated Charcoal Filter Packets / Sachet / Tea bags  – Large Double Size – 8 pack

Activated Coconut Carbon GAC Filter packets for Use with Megahome’s Water Distillers and  Alcohol Distillers.

Notice:  Since 2021 there is an embargo on shipping Charcoal/Carbon. Therefore …. Mega Home Distillers is not Shipping Any Charcoal packets with any of its distillers.  Filter packets are No Longer Available from Megahome. We have been assured that Megahome is trying to find an alternate supplier of Activated charcoal packets that will easily fit into the filter nozzle.

We have been able to source a supply of Activated Coconut Charcoal  Packets, these are larger packets – so if you were using two bags in the filter – this is not possible.  Double Sized – Larger packets provides more charcoal * Better tasting water!

Charcoal is Important: **Charcoal is used after the distilling process to insure all VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds such as chlorine are removed.  VOC’s are so light that they go through  the distillation process.  VOC’s can affect flavor and smell. The activated charcoal helps getting rid of any nasty tastes and odor creating the best tasting and purest water.

These Carbon filter packs are suitable for: MegaHome MH-943, EcoPure WD-E, Ecowater/Tapworks #10000 series, Water Wizard, Kenmore, Waterwise 4000 distillers, Fresh water systems and similar distillers.

Contains: Food Grade Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal & High-grade filter bag.

Instructions: With newer type nozzles

  1. Gently squeeze the nozzle and remove filter canister.
  2. Rinse one carbon packet by soaking for a few minutes in distilled water… before using… this will release any charcoal fines. (Fines released from the pouches are food grade and are completely safe.)
  3. Place the activated charcoal packet into the nozzle.
  4. Press the nozzle back into place.

After 1 month use replace with a new charcoal packet. Compost old used charcoal packet.


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