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Flojet Bottled Water Pump Dual Inlet


FLOJET Bottled Water Dispensing System Dual Inlet. Flojet’s 5000 Series Dual Inlet Bottled Water System is the perfect solution when a higher volume of portable water is needed. Dual Inlet – 2 bottles! Pumps water directly out of 3 and 5 gallon bottles. Ideal to supply coffee machines, Ice makers or to connect to your counter top faucet.

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FLOJET Bottled Water Dispensing System Dual Inlet

Flojet’s 5020 Series Dual Inlet Bottled Water System is the perfect solution when a higher volume of portable water is needed.

The system simultaneously draws from “two” water lines (2 bottles) , which can easily be connected to most standard 3-5 gallon (11.4 – 18.9 L) water bottles to provide fresh water for use with coffee machines, water dispensers, or for any other application where portable water is needed.

Ideal to supply bottles of water to – Tea/Coffee machines, Refrigerator Dispense/Ice makers or to connect to your counter top faucet for kitchen/bar/ RV sink.

Standard 120 volt plug for standard electrical outlets. (For Motor Homes & RVs—a 12V is available as a special order)  

Eco-Friendly  Up to 20% more energy efficient than previous systems

How the System Works: The FLOJET Bottled Water Dispensing System was designed to pump water from a commercially available 5-gallon water bottle. The system will deliver the water under pressure to a sink mounted individual drinking water faucet, or to the water inlet of a refrigerator for the ice-maker and chilled drinking water tap. When the suction wand is inserted into the 5-gallon bottle, it will activate the float switch on the end of the wand and turn on the pump. The same float switch shuts off the system when the bottle is empty. The wand has a built in back flow preventor valve that prevents water in the system from flowing back into the bottle, or spilling while changing bottles. The heart of the system is the pump module that automatically adjusts the flow and pressure to fill an ice-maker or dispense chilled water from a refrigerator door tap, and stops when the ice-maker is full or the water valve is closed.  

Model No.: New Model BW5020  (discontinued: Model BW4020 & Model BW1000A )

  • Illuminated On/Off Switch Provides clear visibility in dark cabinets or hard to reach places
  • Dual Wand System
  • Long Life Motor Ensures years of reliable operation.
  • Flojet Diaphragm Pump Runs dry without damage, extending pump life
  • Quick Disconnect Ports Allow for fast installation and replacement of suctionand discharge tubing.
  • Quiet Operation Equipped with noise dampening rubber feet to minimize noise pollution.
  • Thermal Protection Prevents overheating, protecting the pump and control box from damage. 
  • Compact Size for Easy Mounting.
  •  Pump draws water from both bottles at the same time                         

Includes:  Pump Module with on/off Rocker Switch, 3.5 ft (1 M) Cord. 2- Suction Wands and Hose Assembly. 20 feet (6.1m) of 1/4 inch Discharge Tube. Kit fittings (1/4″ compression nut and sleeve). Wall power transformer.  Instruction Manual.
Optional: (bottles are not included), Optional Refrigerator Fitting, Optional Faucet, Optional Faucet “T” Fitting, Optional Faucet Fitting and Washer.   If any of these optional items are required—we would prefer if you phone your order in, so we can discuss the installation  

Approved NSF/ANSI Standard 18 (

Max Pressure  40 PSI (2.76 bar)
Dimensions 2.95”H x 5.12”W x 7.62”D  (74.93 mm H x 130.05 mm W x 193.54 mm D)
Voltages 115 VAC, 230 VAC
Amp Draw 115 VAC, 0.4 amp max
Cycles 50/60 Hz for AC models
Weight 4.5 lbs. (2.04 kg)


Genuine Flojet bottled water system is ideal where portability is key
Pump quality water from commercial bottles to ensure better-tasting hot and cold beverages. The new 5000 Series Bottled Water System is designed to work with coffee/tea makers, refrigerator ice and water dispensers, espresso carts and portable sinks or any use requiring portable potable water.
The BW5020 Series Bottled Water System is also designed for convenience.
The pump automatically shuts off when the water source is depleted and restarts when water is restored. Its compact size supports easy mounting.

In coffee shops around the world, genuine Flojet Bottled Water Systems deliver recipe-quality water for more than two million cups of coffee a day
• Proven electric diaphragm pump technology ensures operational excellence, with more than seven million units in service
• Flojet Bottled Water Systems protect the environment by eliminating water filters from refrigerator dispensing systems, keeping more than 300,000 filters a year out of landfills
• Flojet brands build on 40 years of operational excellence and applications expertise, with a broad range of solutions for the food and beverage industry.


  • System Will Not Dispense Water
    • Check on/off switch position
    • Check power to dispensing system
    • Check location of suction wand in bottle
    • Check for empty bottle
  • Check for air in system
  • If using tap, spring, mineral waters, make sure water intake is not filled with scale.
Discharge Tube Leaks At Fitting
• Push tube all the way into tube stop
• Remove tube and cut 1/4”off end, square and reinstall
• Check correct tube size in fitting, tube size is 1/4” O.D. Fitting should be 1/4” I.D.
System Will Not Shut-Off
• Check for leaks in tubing system
• Check for leaks at tube fittings
• Check for leaks at faucet, ice maker or refrigerator water valve
• Check pressure switch by turning faucet off and on
• Check float switch position in bottle
System Continually Turns Off and On While in Use
• Check for restriction devise at appliance inlet.
• Check for filter unit in line.

Make sure power plug is installed all the way.


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