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Incense Meanings Use / Effects – Informative Guide


Incense Meanings Use / Effects – Informative Guide. Incense sticks and cones release fragrant smoke when burned. Incense is used in therapy, meditation, and ceremony. Incense may also be used as a simple deodorizer.

Incense Meanings Use / Effects – Informative Guide

Incense releases fragrant smoke when burned. Incense is used in therapy, meditation, and ceremony. Incense may also be used as a simple deodorizer.

  • Sense of smell…the link between smells and brain response is very rapid.
  • Scents can rapidly adjust the atmosphere of a room but also in your mind and spiritual body.
  • Incense been used by so many cultures since ancient times.
  • Useful for meditation, and to create a space for ritual and ceremonial work. The smoke of the incense rising is a universal symbol of prayer and offering.
  • Incense is very practical in keeping a pleasant and relaxing home.  If you are trying to mask unpleasant scents, incense can take a poorly scented room and make it feel pleasant and relaxing.
  • No matter what purpose you use it for, incense can alter your frame of mind in a matter of seconds.  Easy to use, and there are scents to choose from. You are sure to find an incense that fits your needs.
    Incense is burned for the smells they produce. The fragrances of incense help focus your mind on achieving specific goals. Incense helps with meditation, spiritual guidance during a religious ceremony.
  • AMBER PRECIOUS – Burned for love, comfort, happiness and healing. Focus.
  • ATTRACTS MONEY – Premium masala incense. This a scent above the rest. Money drawing incense that truly has a wonderous scent. Use this to attract good fortune & prosperity.
  • BERGAMOT – Money, prosperity, uplifting of spirits, joy, protection, concentration, alertness, confidence, balance, strength, courage, motivation & assertiveness.
  • CANNABIS – Soft sweet grassy aroma of cannabis, Sooths the mind, Perfect for relaxing with family or friends.
  • CARDAMOM – Mental clarity, concentration, confidence, courage, enthusiasm. Motivation. Be calm free of worry.
  • CEDAR – Burned for purification, to stimulate or strengthen the psychic powers, attract love, prevent nightmares, healing, purification, protection, money, balance, grounding, clarity, insight. Wisdom. Confidence.
  • CEDARWOOD – Healing, Relaxing, Grounding. For purification. To break hexes.
  • CHAKRA LOTUS – A blend flowers, spices, gums, resins, irresistible fragrance. Ideal for Meditation, yoga, relaxation. Chakras support energy, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical health. Balance.
  • CHINA RAIN – Fresh, Delicate, Exotic. Clear the mind, relieve stress. Meditation, create serenity and good for overall well-being. Turns ones energy to positive.
  • CINNAMON – Stimulation, wealth, prosperity, business success, strength, lust, healing, to attract money, stimulate and strengthen the psychic powers and to aid in healing, gain wealth & success. Power. Protection.
  • CLOVE – Pain relief, intellectual stimulation, business success, wealth, prosperity, divination, exorcism, protection, eases fears, improves memory and focus. Dispel negativity, purify sacred and magical spaces, attract money.
  • COCONUT – Burn for protection, purification.
  • COPAL – For love, purification, uplifting spirits, protection, spirituality and to attract love
  • DRAGON’S BLOOD – Derived from the resin collected from the dragons blood flower. Said to increase sexual appetite. Protection, purification, courage, remove negativity, attract love, enhance psychic awareness. Also For luck and success.
  • EUCALYPTUS – Enlighten and increase concentration. This scent helps with breathlessness and protection from
    negative energies.
  • FRANKINCENSE – Spirituality, astral strength, protection, consecration courage. Dispel negativity. Aid to meditation, concentration induce psychic visions. Purify Magical spaces, crystals & objects. Protect against evil. Attract good luck.
  • FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH – Mixture. A purifier of negative influences and increases spirituality. Clears the mind. Protection during ceremonies. Favors friendship.
  • GARDENIA – Peace, love and healing.
  • GREEN TEA – Known for its antiseptic properties, great for warding off viruses and bacteria in your home. Helps eliminate sleepiness, increase alertness, strengthens the nervous system, improves memory and helps bring harmony to the soul.
  • JASMINE PRECIOUS – Creativity. Self esteem. Love, money, dreams, purification, wisdom, skills, astral projection, to attract love and money, for luck in general, especially relating to love.
  • JUNIPER – Calming, protection, healing, to increase psychic powers and to break the curses and hexes cast by evil. Purify sleeping area. Protects against theft.
  • LAVENDER PRECIOUS – Antiseptic qualities so cleansing, healing. Happiness. Meditation, relaxation, to induce rest & sleep. To attract love. Peace & Harmony.
  • LEMONGRASS – Improves memory, helps focus, increases concentration, eliminates fatigue and the effect of sleep deprivation. Lemongrass is a natural insect repellent and is great for burning when doing outside rituals and spells.
  • LOTUS – Elevates mood, protection, spirituality, healing, meditation for inner peace and outer harmony, to aid in meditation. Love and romance.
  • MOLDVITE – Cleansing, Healing, Calming. Raises energy of your space, fills you space with healing energy. Uplifting. Soothing.
  • MUSK EGYPTIAN – Soothing scent of musk with a twist. The scent of Egyptian Musk differs from that of African Musk, Musk, and other Musk scents. Each has its own unique attributes
  • MUSK – Aphrodisiac, prosperity, courage, creates a sensual atmosphere. Courage and vitality, or to heighten sensual passion.
  • MYRRH – Spirituality, aids meditation, healing and consecration. An ancient incense for protection, healing, purification and spirituality. For exorcism, and banishing evil. Amplifies friendship and relations with others.
  • NAG CHAMPA (SATYA) – Most popular incense in the world. Made from costly, highly fragrant rare gums, resins, powders and pure Mysore Sandalwood Oil. Sacred incense. Powerful deodorizer. Grounding. Concentration, Meditation, Relaxation. Stress, Anxiety. Immunity booster.
  • NILE LOTUS – Light, fresh, sweet scent. Relieve fatigue. Spiritual development. Smooths depression & melancholy. Heightens intuition. Protects against the evil eye.
  • OPIUM – Sleep, Lucid dreaming. Physic skills. Contacting deities & guides in dreams. Not opium poppy, but a blend of sandalwood, cedarwood, jasmine, rose, cinnamon.
  • PALO SANTO— SAINT WOOD – Meditation. Enhances creativity, good fortune. Healing. Cleanses bad energy. Lovely Air Freshener. Used by healers, shamans.
  • PATCHOULI PRECIOUS – Money, growth, love, mastery, sensuality to attract money and love, and also to promote fertility.
  • PATCHOULI FOREST – Same undertone as original Nag Champa, with a bit more spice from the patchouli. Burn to stimulate spirituality and meditation. This powerful cleansing aroma will bring balance and clarity creating a calming and sacred atmosphere.
  • PINE – Protection, purification, healing. Often placed in the home during the winter to promote protection, health through the cold season.
  • ROSE PRECIOUS – Love, house blessing, fertility, healing to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, and attract love to return calm energies to the home.
  • SAGE WHITE – Protection from evil. Purify sacred spaces and ritual tools. Promoting wisdom, clarity, attract money. Aid in the healing the body, mind, & soul. Helps realise desires, to develop concentration, creativity and intuition.
  • SANDALWOOD – Spirituality, healing, protection, astral projection to heal and protect, also for purification. Increases willpower and spirituality.
  • SACRED PURIFICATION 7 ANGELS – The power of the 7 Archangels to help you in any and all conditions you may be facing in life
  • SUPER HIT (SATYA) – Meditation, Relaxation. Reduce negative, increase positive aspects of zodiac signs. Sweeter smelling than Nag Champa.
  • MIDNIGHT (SATYA)— Sweet, warm, comforting. Aroma of sandalwood blended with vanilla, champa, jasmine. This has a lingering aroma.
  • GOLDEN ERA (SATYA) – Similar to the original Nag Champa—with a creative twist
  • SWEETGRASS – Healing, peace, spirituality. Neutralize noxious, harmful or evil energies. Burned to conjure beneficial spirits prior to spell casting. Removes undesirable ions, replaces good ions beneficial for health & environment.
  • TEMPLE INCENSE (SONG OF INDIA) – Fragrance that matches & blends into the human sense of scents. You may not notice it is burning. Pleasant, promotes a sense of peace & tranquillity.
  • VANILLA – Uplifting. Burned to attract love, increase sexual desire. Memory. Anti-depressant, eliminates insomnia and tames anger. For the feeling of safety, security and a uplifting atmosphere burn a little Vanilla Incense in your home.
  • YLANG-YLANG – Antidepressant. Confidence. For love, harmony and euphoria.

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Note: Incense should never be left unattended and always out of reach of children. Burn incense in a suitable incense holder.
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How to Burn Incense Sticks:.

The incense stick must stand in a fire-proof incense burner, or in an incense bowl or cup packed with rice, sand, or sea salt. You can use any fire proof container including a ceramic cup, metal bowl, or soapstone dish. Light the end of the stick with a match or lighter, Let the flame burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame. You should see a red tip burning on the stick. Smoke will rise and your incense will start to smell. Enjoy. Some people are sensitive to some scents or the smoke that is released, even though it is very minimal.  If this happens, just place your holder on a higher shelf.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Make sure ashes fall on fireproof surfaces (ashtrays or incense stick holder). Not for human consumption.  **DO NOT PLACE STICK HOLDER/BURNER NEAR FLAMMABLE MATERIAL**

Ways to incorporate incense into your life:

  1. Yoga—Always choose quality, genuine incense, no need to breathe in toxic fumes while trying to be one with yourself.
  2. Meditation—As incense naturally soothes your nerves, you may find it eases your process into deep meditation.
  3. To simply unwind—Life should be about feeling great, connecting with oneself and finding the sacredness in this rushed world we live in.
  4. Emotional release—Each essential oil used in the production of incense possesses it’s own unique qualities. Find the right one that instills tranquility and calm for those moments when you feel truly frazzled. For those moments when you need a lift, find some that creates positive energy. There are even a few that are aimed at sensual and physical arousal!
  5. Deepen your spirituality—You could make incense your portal to true spirituality, as historically known to open trapped Chakras, heighten the senses and to create overall harmony, there are a few you should try if this is what you wish to achieve. Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Vetiver are common choices.
  6. Inspiration—What do I seek when I truly need inspiration? Burn white sage to clear the air of any negativity. Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender may also be of benefit.
  7. Need a routine revamp? Try lighting up an incense stick in the evening and read a book instead of watching TV or burn some while getting ready for work in the morning.
  8. Heightened awareness—Incense has a powerful way of lifting our senses, making us more aware. It’s always a good thing to be more sharp and alert when it comes to our inner being.
  9. Self-nurturing—We all have a favorite food, drink or hobby. Why not find a favorite scent to lift your home or workplace?
  10. Healing—Incense steps this up a notch and makes everything seem even better than before,
  11. Soothing—Some prefer essential oils in their bath, but try sinking into a deep bubble bath with the lingering scent of Lavender and Jasmine or picking up the soft, yet uplifting scents of Sandalwood while showering.
  12. For that “special” time with your partner—Sensuality can sometimes be a very hushed subject. We all seek the most connected of lovemaking and I find that incense may just bump this up a notch. There’s something very sensual about the scents of foreign lands to get you in the mood.


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