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Juicer Omega Model O2


Model O2 Omega’s low cost, small size, pulp ejector, continuous juicer. With a 5 year warranty.

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The Model O2 is Omega’s Low Cost, Small Size, Pulp Ejector, Continuous Juicer

Sorry, This Machine is out ot stock… Consider Omega’s Model 8003, drier pulp, low speed, healthier juice.

Omega’s Special Features Motor: The most efficient motors you’ll find in a juicer. That equates to less energy consumed every time you juice.  

Features Model O2:

  • 1/3 Horsepower, 6200 rpm motor.
  • Surgical Stainless Steel: The metal parts are all comprised of Surgical Stainless Steel. All of the Stainless Steel parts are either polished or sandblasted for functionality and attractiveness.
  • Basket: Although pulp ejector baskets do not need precision balancing, it is necessary to have it as balanced as possible. One of the most common problems with the cheaper imported pulp ejectors is that the pulp sticks in the basket and makes the unit vibrate. We have found the perfect speed (Rpm’s), mesh size, and basket dimensions (angle, diameter, and clearance) to give you the most juice from this style juicer. The Basket is very open so it is easy to clean. Basket and blade are two separate pieces.
  • Blade: Stainless Steel Blade efficiently pulverizes fruits and vegetables to effectively extract the maximum amount of juice from a pulp ejector style juicer. Model O2: 3 oz. blade.
  • Bowl: The Bowl is manufactured from a thick, heavy duty gauge Surgical Stainless Steel. The outside of our bowl is polished to an attractive mirror like finish, the inside of the bowl is sandblasted to ensure a quick and easy clean up.
  • Top: The top for these juicers has been designed to achieve stylish looks while staying completely effective. This patented helical design reduces the chance of pulp from gathering in the chute and the juicer not clogging up. Most entry-level juicers will clog after processing just a couple of pounds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Wing Nut: The blade and basket assembly is held together by a white plastic wing nut. This wing nut is large enough to be tightened and loosened by hand without the need for tools. No little screws, nuts or washers that can be lost.
  • Safety: With two safety interlock switches, you are assured that the juicer will not operate unless the juicer is properly assembled.
  • Rubber Feet: Your new juicer will stand on a dozen evenly spaced feet. These feet are variable in height, which will help the unit keep from “walking” across your counter top. Yet soft enough to give the juicer traction while not marking up your counter top.
  • Latch Arms: Our cantilever style Latch Arms were a first in the industry. This allows for easy assembly and disassembly. Whether you’re a strong athlete or suffering from arthritis, these Latch Arms will make it very easy to use this juicer on a daily basis.
  • Feed Chute: The chute of this juicer is large enough to accommodate large pieces of fruits and vegetable. The larger chutes of other juicers may slow down the motor when too large of an item is pushed down.
  • Receptacle Bin: This bin will hold pounds of pulp from your fruits and vegetables. A small, plastic refuse liner can be placed in the bin for easy clean-up. 

Warranty:  Omega Model O2 comes with a 5-year warranty. (1 year on the cutting blades)   

O2 OMEGA JUICER  –  Balanced, Quiet, And Smooth –    Makes Pulp Free Juices –    Easy to Use, Easy to Clean –    Large Capacity Bowl –    Built in Reset Switch –    Dual Safety Interlock Switches –    Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association Listed (CSA) – Approved For Household & Commercial Use

Dimensions:  Model O2: 10½” high x 8” wide x 12” deep Motor: Model O2: 1/3 Horsepower, 6200 rpm. Weight: Model O2—7lbs. Manufacturers Warranty: Model O2: 5 years (1 Year On The Cutting Blade)    

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