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Juicer Part Champion – Homogenizing body


Champion Juicer – “Replacement Part” Homogenizing with the Champion Juicer is very fast and efficient.

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Champion Juicer  – Homogenizing Body

“Replacement Part”  Homogenizing with the Champion Juicer is very fast and efficient.

Your Champion Juicer can homogenize a wide variety of food.

For example many foods can be made into sauces cooked vegetables and fruits for baby food fresh or canned nuts for nut butters fresh coconut for creamed coconut frozen mixes for ice cream or sorbets.

Install the Homogenizing Body  instead of the regular body which is used for the juicing function.


Now introducing the new HOMOGENIZING BODY for your Champion juicer.

Advantages include:

1. Fewer parts to assemble.

2. Fewer parts to clean.

3. No leakage.

4. Dishwasher safe.

5. Major improvement to the 2-step grind and press for the “Gerson Therapy” health program.

This item is one solid piece used for homogenizing only. The homogenizing body eliminates the use of the screen holder, screen and blank. This allows all the homogenized items to come out through the front of the juicer body and will not separate the pulp and the juice.



We are Sorry to say… that after over 40 years, we have discontinued the sale and promotion of “The Champion Juicer and Parts”.

Unfortunately, Champion provides and wants no consumer support in Canada.

So we are sourcing parts from companies other than Champion to service old machines.  Parts are in limited supply.

If ordering from Canada….No custom broker, duty, or shipping delays.


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