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Lamp Bulbs Clear – 2 Pack – 25watt


These are used as replacement Lamp bulbs in Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Salt Lamp Bulbs Clear – 2 Pack – 25watt

These are used as replacement Lamp bulbs for Himalayan Salt Lamps.  Himalayan Salt Lamps Bulb helps to create a beautiful and warm ambient in any room.


  • 2-Pack of bulbs-  25 W – clear

Replacing the Bulb

  • Unplug the lamp.
  • Remove bulb and cord from lamp – may be held inside the lamp with spring clips. Be careful, as they may snap, and shatter the bulb, or pinch your fingers.
  • Don’t handle bulb with hands, use a soft cloth. Oil from skin my damage the bulb by shortening the bulbs burn time.
  • Replace bulb, carefully… press the springs around the bulb holder together and insert the holder into the core of the lamp. Ensure that the bulb is positioned in the center of the core, not touching the side of the lamp. Also ensure that the bottom of the bulb holder is at the bottom of the core (not pushed in to far, so bulb is touching the lamp
  • Never exceed the maximum wattage rating of the lamp.
  • Make sure there is airflow under the lamp. Do not set lamp on top of carpet.


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