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Latch Arm Omega 4000 New Version Item # PLATCH4W


Latch Arm White. For Omega Juicers Model 4000. Item # PLATCH4.

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Omega Juicer Part – Latch Arm White (4000) New Long hook

Replacement Latch Arm For Omega Juicers Model 4000. Latch arm holds the cover in place. 

NOTE: This part is for juicers made after 2005.  These juicers are now made in Korea. (The top latch hook on the arm is longer on this one… the older models the Latch hook is shorter)

Caution…   The new latch arm are longer and curve over on the top more than the older models. So if you have had your 4000 for some time take a close look at the picture to see if yours is the same!  Do you have the kidney shape lid opening / plunger?

Caution … if Plunger is oval do not order this part will not fit!

Item # PLATCH4W Newer version

Price is for 1 arm – if 2 arms are needed order 2.  Left and right arms are the same.


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